Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh you, Santa Ana Winds

So last night, I was woken up to strong ass winds lol.  Seriously though, it has been forever since we have had winds as strong as the ones we had last night and are having today. They were also freezing! I woke up several times because I was cold. I wondered if I should check to see if my sliding door was locked because if the wind is strong enough it could open it. But nope, my lazy ass decided to leave it alone because I was too tired to get up. Woke up this morning to a freezing cold room and the sliding door was a crack open (-__-) Also, I didn't up to my usual screeching sound with my ipod playing, it was the horrendous beep beep beep sound D: I haven't heard that sound in forever since I got my ihome :/ lol It was definitely not pleasant. Turns out the electricity was off and so was the gas D: So no warm water, and no internet or electricity at all. And we still don't have any, I came with my little sister's university so I could use the internet to do hw and other stuff :] haha

The yard ended up being a mess though, as you can see in our backyard one of our palms trees got pulled out of the ground D: I was worried about my car since it was in the front and we have like 4 palm trees D: Luckily it was safe, and only the branches of the front palm trees were broken. Our rose garden is suppose to be along the wall in the picture above but as you can see the wind ruined all those too (>_<)

Many of our trees were broken, and our favorite Oak Tree snapped (>_<) My dad said that all you had to do was cut it and it should grow back. Our lemon trees, and other fruit trees were also a mess! Geezes, the wind came so viciously! Even our shed's door was yanked off by it! (O_O) I think what was so bad about it was because we were caught off guard. For me, the worst part is not having any electricity or gas because there is nothing to eat D: I don't want our food to spoil, but hopefully they fixed it by little sister doesn't get out of class till 6pm so we'll have to wait to find out.

This lovely mess was in front of my class's at my college. *sigh* Well, that's all for today. Off to study again, so much to do! Oh, btw happy December :]

-------------------------------------------EDIT 7:23PM-------------------------------------------
Still no electricity D: I managed not to get a lot of work done, why? I don't know, I seem to be very distracted. I suck at doing work in the outside world (>_<) lol, well in public places yeah. The university library wasn't bad but now being in the public library I can't seem to get any work done. I just want to watch a drama or something and knock out. 


  1. omg I'm glad you're safe! nature is so scary and really inconvenient sometimes :(

  2. Thanks Monica! Yeah i definitely agree :/ So lame that our electricity still isn't up (-__-)

  3. Wow! You're not alone! Are you sure they're Santa Ana winds because NorCal is getting some of these strong winds also. It's been about maybe 3 days of strong winds. We haven't experienced any black outs yet.

    Yea, I don't know what these winds are a result of but surely it's a result of climate change. Too much fluctuations are not good. ><

  4. I don't know for sure if they were Santa Ana winds, a lot of people are saying mixed things about. I forgot what my earth science teacher said it was, him and another teacher were discussing it before class something about the warm temperatures mixed with cold or something or other...

    Eeek hopefully you guys don't >_< Definitely a result of climate change! There was this girl in my class who doesn't believe it exists I'm just like

  5. That's really scary! Glad that you're safe! <3

  6. Thank you Aki :] Yeah, the wind calmed down now.

  7. Yeah, it came back around 8:30 that same day so it was just an all day thing. I would have died if it was longer D: Thank you for asking<3