Thursday, December 15, 2011

Officially Done With Statistics

My God, you guys do not know how happy I am. I turned in my last assignment at 5:00pm. I was working on it since 12:00pm D: My friend had it rougher, she was working on it since 9:00am!! I had statistics.

As people were turning the assignment underneath our professor door they would be like "officially done with stats!!" lol. Everyone hated that class, there was not one person who liked it. Okay there was one but she sucked at it regardless so I don't know why she liked it lol.

So this is my last school post finally! Done with this semester, I am so happy. I am going to go hiking tomorrow if it's not raining. I hope it's just super cloudy. I miss hiking so much. I have neglected everything this semester, my room is a mess, my eyebrows are horrible, I haven't cut my hair since August D: My bangs are grown out lol. But I thought might as well just grow them out and see how I like them. I am just relieved it is over.

I cannot wait to do so much stuff over this break or do nothing and just bum it. Personally I don't care. I am just relieved it is over. So off I go to download mods for the Sims 3 :D My older sister got it for me and my younger sister as a present for Christmas. We opened it earlier though because we wouldn't have time to play with it if we got it on Christmas lol, ugh school. K done talking, just needed to vent how happy I am.

----------------------------------------EDIT 12/16/11----------------------------------------
The weather in So cal is officially bonkers. Yesterday it was super sunny and then it became all cloudy within an hour or 2 in the middle of the day and it started to rain like crazy and within minutes it turned into hail O_o Then last night it became super windy. Didn't go to sleep till 5am because the wind kept shaking my door like someone was trying to get in >_< I hate that crap! lol It's again windy this morning and it happened to be trash day so a crap load of people's bins were in the middle of the street (ours included) so me and my sister had to take them in. The wind isn't as bad as last time but still a pain :/ I didn't want to make a new post for just a weather update lol, but ugh I believe this has to do with climate change, just sayin'


  1. Don't you just love how school effects you most mentallly and physically. ;siiiiigh;

    OMG SIMS 3 PLAYER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FELLOW FAN HURRR!!! I can't wait till I have a day off to play. I just updated my computer so I can play with max settings and no lagging! haha

  2. I know it does D: lol
    Heck yes fellow Sims 3 fan!! :DD OMG I love meeting people with the same interests lol. Don;t you hate it when it lags? >:| lol I am installing mods, so time consuming -__- I also still need to install nightlife! lol

  3. Just discovered your blog via Monicas... cool pics. What really caught my attention is that you like NANA & Boys Over Flowers... both are my favorite too!

  4. How awesome, a fellow BOF and Nana fan :D <3

  5. haha xd congrats you are done with that n.n

  6. here in germany it is snowing -.-

  7. YAY for getting off school for the holidays! w00t.
    Not until the 21st (my birthday) so I got something to look forward to still : D
    AND DUUUDE. If you're having a kpop party, I'm totally gonna be there!

  8. congrats!! you get to rest now :) and SIMS!!!!!!!!! I haven't played that since high school D:
    and i hate fickle weather too. makes me sick..literally!

  9. @Monica: Thanks :D Yes, I so taking advantage of the resting part lol. OMG Sims is awesome, you should try it again haha. It gets addicting sometimes O_o That sucks D: I dislike sickness with a passion, luckily I do not get sick too much.