Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas~

Picture my little sis took :]

Christmas was pretty nice this year. To be honest, I can't remember last years lol. But this year my parents decided to have a party. It wasn't too big and it was more for them. The only people we knew were our 2 aunts and our 4 cousins lol.

It was nice seeing our cousins though, we hadn't seen them in forever. The only bad thing about that is that there is nothing to talk about lol. I felt like a blabbering idiot, sometimes I felt like I said too much. Oh well.

I was happy with the food, we had menudo, tamales, and beans!

All we really did was watch movies and talk to the family a bit. But the movie watching was the highlight of my Christmas lol. I wanted to watch Harry Potter (for me those feel like winter movies) but we wouldn't have been able to hear it with everyone so we watched X-Men First Class :D It's probably my favorite X-Men movie, I saw it twice in theaters and I don't know how many times after I bought the dvd lol.

My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, we stay up till midnight and say hug each other and say Merry Christmas and what not. While Christmas Day is nothing special lol. So yeah, that was my Christmas, movie watching and mingling with the fam a bit. I am actually excited for New Years :] I am not doing anything but a new year always makes me happy :]

Hope everyone else has a happy Christmas :] Here are the two Christmas songs I had stuck in my head constantly<3 They are also my favorites :]



  1. merry christmas <333
    i had to spend xmas away from home so i really miss that family gathering. even if it's a small party. :( can't wait for next year!! :D i'm glad you had a great time!

  2. Merry Chritsmas :D <3
    Aw, I'm sorry. Hopefully next year you can be with your family :] And thank you<3

  3. Merry Christmas! ^^
    My christmas wasn't really the best one either, but i guess it was nice because i saw my family.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas Yuri! <3

    I'm excited for New Years too supposed to be heading to a party. Here's to hoping.

  5. Love the Utada Hikaru song! Glad you had a good Christmas! :)

  6. @Maria May: Yeah it was alright, let's hope to a better one next year :]

    @Dei: Thanks! I hope you enjoyed yours :] Hopefully you get to go to the party :D

    @Rae: Thank you Rae, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as well :] I'm glad you liked the song!

  7. Merry Christmas :)

    Glad you were able to have fun during Christmas Eve. I did too! :3


  8. Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year

  9. @Grysh Co: Merry Christmas to you too :]

    @Lisa: Thank you, same to you^^

  10. watching movies is pretty much all I did on Christmas as I was sick.. lol Glad to hear you had a nice one though!!

    omg SHINee ... hahaha <3

  11. Aww, well I hope you feel better :]

    Yesssss I love SHINee<33

  12. Merry belated Christmas! The food sounds delicious, totally jealous. We were all kinda sick this year on Christmas so the food was just kinda eh this year.

    And I'm the same on HP being winter movies! XD

  13. happy new year 2012! Hopefully in this year to the best of the previous year, and hopefully what we plan to be realized in this year.

  14. hi yuri~! I'm from StyleFoxHouse. I've tagged you for some questions, I hope you do it! See the questions here

  15. @Miss Wave: Aw thank you :] I wish I could send you some, lol. Yes!! I thought I was the only one xD

    @Fitra2009: Thank you :]

    @Janine Son: Kk thanks, I'll check them out :3