Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Double Rainbow During Finals

So today was actually a nice day. I have been putting of my stats like crazy because I was tired of it, when I tried to study I was just stared at the work lol. So it was not till probably yesterday and more today that I took the final more seriously. I just took 2 finals and have 2 more to go. I cannot wait until it's over. I was in my car waiting for my friend to go study in the library when it started to sprinkle and eventually rain a little bit which had this double rainbow appear :] I was so happy. I had never been so close to a rainbow so this shot was taken from my car lol.

My friend had called me telling me she had gotten out of her class so when I got out I decided to take another picture of the rainbow since you could see the full arch. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it in full because it was so big so I took it in parts :D I didn't take the middle one though -__- My little sister said I should have lol. Oh well, it started to rain a bit harder when I was taking it so I wanted to hurry up and get to the library. It was pretty nice, the small rain but then it got really bad! lol It ended up raining really heavy! And I had no umbrella and my friend had hers in the car xD It was so weird seeing it rain while it was sunny and cold. Not too common for Southern California. It usually rains when it's cloudy. But anyways, we ran to the car where my pants and folder were soaked -__- Not fun, lol. I hate wet pants because then they stick to your legs all uncomfortable like.

When the sun came out even more I took another picture to show how bright the rainbows were :o I hate how photos don't to it justice. (This was in my friends car) But yeah, then I went to study stats T-T It actually ended up being productive unlike last time when we were too full to eat and we just went home lol. I think a big group is not really productive two people are okay. I ended up getting a B on the test that took 5 hours :| But I am content. I wanted an A in that class but it seems like that's not going to happen. Many people are struggling. Anywho, off to take a shower and study some more stats and sociology for my morning final.


  1. Good luck on your last two! I just finished mine. :3

    The rainbow pictures look sooooooooooooo nice. I don't think I've seen one as pretty!

  2. ~Double rainbow, what does it meannnn?~
    I'm sure you watched that video on youtube xD If you have not, its funny xD
    It's pretttyyy.

  3. @Filomena: Aww thank you ;__; I have no idea how I did but at this moment I don't care anymore lol. I'm glad you liked the pictures :]

    @Banny: Lol I have so seen that! People kept making a huge fuss when there was another double rainbow before. It's like calm down, looks pretty and all but snap your picture and get over it lol. I saw like 20+ statuses talking about the double rainbow last time. This time people didn't care as much lol

  4. very beautiful !!!
    I've never seen double rainbows before.