Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reminiscing Moments from 2011

So many blogs that I follow how been doing this thing where they sum up the whole year on what they did for the start of the new one. I really liked that, it sounded more fun that doing a survey which I was planning on doing lol. I also didn't start blogging till the end of this year, so I thought it would be nice to look back on the stuff I did and keep it as a memory so I won't forget :] I actually had to look in my Facebook for the stuff that happened earlier in the year because I couldn't remember anything past March with the Griffith Observatory xD So here it goes:

Crappy picture, taken on old phone

  • The first time I went to Round 1
  • First time I took Purikura :D
  • First time bowling 
  •  First time I had seen the World of Color 
  • Also saw Quest Crew's performance at UCR :D Got to meet them again :D Victor remembered me<33 :DD Sorry fangirled a bit right there haha.
  • This was also the first time I was in snowfall :D 
  • At this time we also went to Irvine a lot :[ Brings back so many memories, I was constantly drinking bubble tea and going to Cha for Tea.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas~

Picture my little sis took :]

Christmas was pretty nice this year. To be honest, I can't remember last years lol. But this year my parents decided to have a party. It wasn't too big and it was more for them. The only people we knew were our 2 aunts and our 4 cousins lol.

It was nice seeing our cousins though, we hadn't seen them in forever. The only bad thing about that is that there is nothing to talk about lol. I felt like a blabbering idiot, sometimes I felt like I said too much. Oh well.

I was happy with the food, we had menudo, tamales, and beans!

All we really did was watch movies and talk to the family a bit. But the movie watching was the highlight of my Christmas lol. I wanted to watch Harry Potter (for me those feel like winter movies) but we wouldn't have been able to hear it with everyone so we watched X-Men First Class :D It's probably my favorite X-Men movie, I saw it twice in theaters and I don't know how many times after I bought the dvd lol.

My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, we stay up till midnight and say hug each other and say Merry Christmas and what not. While Christmas Day is nothing special lol. So yeah, that was my Christmas, movie watching and mingling with the fam a bit. I am actually excited for New Years :] I am not doing anything but a new year always makes me happy :]

Hope everyone else has a happy Christmas :] Here are the two Christmas songs I had stuck in my head constantly<3 They are also my favorites :]


Friday, December 23, 2011

Old Towns and Random Mountain Trip

So today Eat You Alive came out with a new album, and it has 2 songs on it. I want it, but unfortunately it's a CD that's only selling in Japan at their lives.

Anyways, today was a good day. I hung out with my friends Sarah and Jana. We always hang out during break because neither of us have time during school. Especially Jana, she goes to Berkeley so she is up north and plus she is always busy because it's Berkeley lol.

She actually wanted to introduce me to this Japanese guy that she said I might like because he is like a rocker but a change of plans happened where it didn't work out. This was the first time she was telling me this lol, that would have been cool but eh I don't know lol.

Anyways, onward with the day. It was the first time we met since the summer. We were catching up with how we were doing in school and stuff, we had breakfast at an old diner in old town Claremont. (I love all the old town's in our area they have a cozy feeling.)

Afterwards, we walked around and went to this video store that we saw as we drove by. They had some cool movies but I had no interest in renting anything, it's too much of a hassle to return it for me. I am super lazy and hardly ever leave my house. But I did manage to snag a deal and bought Memoirs of a Geisha for only $3! I love that movie, and it was so inexpensive who wouldn't get it?

Jana ended up getting some Gungrave DVDs, I've never seen the anime but she let me borrow them since they are by the same creator of Trigun and said Gungrave is really good. I trust her, she introduced me to X, Fushigi Yuugi, Fruits Basket, Tokyo Babylon, Saiyuki just a lot of awesome animes lol so yup.

After the video store we ended up going to old town Upland lol, there is honestly nothing to do in Rancho so most of the time we just drive around until something catches our interest. Sarah loves to drive so she doesn't mind.

It was nice going to old town Upland, we went to a bunch of vintage store. The first store we went to was this Indian one that had fox tails (stood out to me because a lot of Gyarus have it) and feather clips and earrings and stuff. I ended up buying a gun metal ring. The rest of the stores were whatever, just stuff to look at to be honest.

I was really happy when we ended up walking by Six Feet Under a tattoo shop owned by Corey Miller :D I am planning on getting my first tattoo with him, he is an amazing artist. I should be getting it next summer/fall we'll see how it goes. But we passed his tattoo shop, I was going to take a picture but it was a class window and there were people inside and I felt weird lol. But I did take some snapshot of the outside of his gallery :]

It was actually two photos but I hate long way photos, they bug the crap of me when I try to put them neatly into my blog they look messy. But yeah, still so awesome, I knew his tattoo place was in old town Upland but now for sure I know where it is. I cannot wait!

I am also dying to get my microdermals done! We won't get into that lol. 

After the old town, we ended up driving to Mount Baldy. Sarah just felt like taking me and Jana and there was nothing else to do lol so we ended up going to the mountains :D 

Small bit of snow/ice that was there lol

I actually really like living in Southern California because you get the beaches and the mountains with snow. This was the first time I went to the mountains in a good while. 

I was so not dressed for it though, neither of us were. Sarah was wearing flip flops and I was wearing shorts with tights xD Well it was a spur of the moment thing for a reason. I don't think it would have been to cold if I had gloves me hands were becoming stiff due to the cold lol. 

I still need to go hiking but tomorrow is Christmas Eve and my mom is throwing a party. Totally forgot until my older sister told me.  I'm not a big part person, especially family parties lol, but can't do anything about it. I guess it'll give me a reason to dress up but I look like crap because I haven't gotten a hair cut in foreverr. 

OMG and I finished Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I am so sad it's over. Well I still have the manga :D Geezes this post is all over the place lol. Well, Happy Christmas~

Me and Jana

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thoroughbred Lights

So yesterday I went to go see the lights on Thoroughbred. It has been forever since I seen them though they are just down the street from my house. Last time I saw it was with my ex (bleh didn't want to run in with him and his new gf) and I just avoided that place in general because a lot of people from high school would go there so I just left it alone, and I also didn't have in interest in them. But since my 5 year hiatus of looking at the lights I decided it was time to see them again :D After a hard semester I wanted to walk through the streets and see the lights since they usually go all out :] This year they didn't go out as much, they were still really pretty but the past years was like woah! We think they cut back because of the recession going on. But it was still a bunch of fun :3 The street in my neighborhood are required to have these lights if they live on Thoroughbred so that's why people from around the Inland Empire come to see them. Well here's the snapshots:

This house had a little stage for people to pose :] (my sisters)

I love frosty blue lights

I combined these pics because they wouldn't be next to each other on my blog 
I love how the house on the left did that with their trees, so creative! It gave me the idea that if I lived on Thoroughbred I would do a Willy Wonka themed lights :D On the right, this house was selling all kinds of stuff, as were other houses. They sold nachos, popcorn, churros, hot chocolate, cookies, and other stuff too :] My older sister bought me hot chocolate and a cookie, my goodness was it delicious. They were homemade ;__; I love homemade cookies and my little sister got a churro :]

I love it when they put lights on the ceilings 

People were able to get rides on the fire truck :]

A Grinch themed house :]

They even dressed up their dog to look like Maxx ;A; So cute!

This house was Disney themed, they had Aladdin &Jasmine, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle and the Beast, and they also had Peter Pan and Hook ;o; I love Peter Pan. I took a picture but it was blurry :[

Charlie Brown themed house (I really liked this one)
So overall, me and my sisters had fun :] Spending quality time and what not. My favorite year will always be the first year I went which was with our neighbor Larry and it was when we just moved in and he has horses and threw a Christmas party and invited us. After the Christmas party we all took a ride on this carriage with his horses pulling it through Thoroughbred. It was so beautiful, I will never forget it. Unfortunately, Larry passed away a couple years back, still miss him though he was so nice. 

So, I tried to narrow down the pictures as much as I could but it was hard lol. But I think I did really well, I went from 50 to 20 something. I will probably post the rest sometime later on my Facebook. Nice night :3 We also finished our Christmas shopping and finished the wrapping of the gifts. We came home and watched the Incredibles, that movie never gets old.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Officially Done With Statistics

My God, you guys do not know how happy I am. I turned in my last assignment at 5:00pm. I was working on it since 12:00pm D: My friend had it rougher, she was working on it since 9:00am!! I had statistics.

As people were turning the assignment underneath our professor door they would be like "officially done with stats!!" lol. Everyone hated that class, there was not one person who liked it. Okay there was one but she sucked at it regardless so I don't know why she liked it lol.

So this is my last school post finally! Done with this semester, I am so happy. I am going to go hiking tomorrow if it's not raining. I hope it's just super cloudy. I miss hiking so much. I have neglected everything this semester, my room is a mess, my eyebrows are horrible, I haven't cut my hair since August D: My bangs are grown out lol. But I thought might as well just grow them out and see how I like them. I am just relieved it is over.

I cannot wait to do so much stuff over this break or do nothing and just bum it. Personally I don't care. I am just relieved it is over. So off I go to download mods for the Sims 3 :D My older sister got it for me and my younger sister as a present for Christmas. We opened it earlier though because we wouldn't have time to play with it if we got it on Christmas lol, ugh school. K done talking, just needed to vent how happy I am.

----------------------------------------EDIT 12/16/11----------------------------------------
The weather in So cal is officially bonkers. Yesterday it was super sunny and then it became all cloudy within an hour or 2 in the middle of the day and it started to rain like crazy and within minutes it turned into hail O_o Then last night it became super windy. Didn't go to sleep till 5am because the wind kept shaking my door like someone was trying to get in >_< I hate that crap! lol It's again windy this morning and it happened to be trash day so a crap load of people's bins were in the middle of the street (ours included) so me and my sister had to take them in. The wind isn't as bad as last time but still a pain :/ I didn't want to make a new post for just a weather update lol, but ugh I believe this has to do with climate change, just sayin'

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Double Rainbow During Finals

So today was actually a nice day. I have been putting of my stats like crazy because I was tired of it, when I tried to study I was just stared at the work lol. So it was not till probably yesterday and more today that I took the final more seriously. I just took 2 finals and have 2 more to go. I cannot wait until it's over. I was in my car waiting for my friend to go study in the library when it started to sprinkle and eventually rain a little bit which had this double rainbow appear :] I was so happy. I had never been so close to a rainbow so this shot was taken from my car lol.

My friend had called me telling me she had gotten out of her class so when I got out I decided to take another picture of the rainbow since you could see the full arch. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it in full because it was so big so I took it in parts :D I didn't take the middle one though -__- My little sister said I should have lol. Oh well, it started to rain a bit harder when I was taking it so I wanted to hurry up and get to the library. It was pretty nice, the small rain but then it got really bad! lol It ended up raining really heavy! And I had no umbrella and my friend had hers in the car xD It was so weird seeing it rain while it was sunny and cold. Not too common for Southern California. It usually rains when it's cloudy. But anyways, we ran to the car where my pants and folder were soaked -__- Not fun, lol. I hate wet pants because then they stick to your legs all uncomfortable like.

When the sun came out even more I took another picture to show how bright the rainbows were :o I hate how photos don't to it justice. (This was in my friends car) But yeah, then I went to study stats T-T It actually ended up being productive unlike last time when we were too full to eat and we just went home lol. I think a big group is not really productive two people are okay. I ended up getting a B on the test that took 5 hours :| But I am content. I wanted an A in that class but it seems like that's not going to happen. Many people are struggling. Anywho, off to take a shower and study some more stats and sociology for my morning final.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh you, Santa Ana Winds

So last night, I was woken up to strong ass winds lol.  Seriously though, it has been forever since we have had winds as strong as the ones we had last night and are having today. They were also freezing! I woke up several times because I was cold. I wondered if I should check to see if my sliding door was locked because if the wind is strong enough it could open it. But nope, my lazy ass decided to leave it alone because I was too tired to get up. Woke up this morning to a freezing cold room and the sliding door was a crack open (-__-) Also, I didn't up to my usual screeching sound with my ipod playing, it was the horrendous beep beep beep sound D: I haven't heard that sound in forever since I got my ihome :/ lol It was definitely not pleasant. Turns out the electricity was off and so was the gas D: So no warm water, and no internet or electricity at all. And we still don't have any, I came with my little sister's university so I could use the internet to do hw and other stuff :] haha

The yard ended up being a mess though, as you can see in our backyard one of our palms trees got pulled out of the ground D: I was worried about my car since it was in the front and we have like 4 palm trees D: Luckily it was safe, and only the branches of the front palm trees were broken. Our rose garden is suppose to be along the wall in the picture above but as you can see the wind ruined all those too (>_<)

Many of our trees were broken, and our favorite Oak Tree snapped (>_<) My dad said that all you had to do was cut it and it should grow back. Our lemon trees, and other fruit trees were also a mess! Geezes, the wind came so viciously! Even our shed's door was yanked off by it! (O_O) I think what was so bad about it was because we were caught off guard. For me, the worst part is not having any electricity or gas because there is nothing to eat D: I don't want our food to spoil, but hopefully they fixed it by little sister doesn't get out of class till 6pm so we'll have to wait to find out.

This lovely mess was in front of my class's at my college. *sigh* Well, that's all for today. Off to study again, so much to do! Oh, btw happy December :]

-------------------------------------------EDIT 7:23PM-------------------------------------------
Still no electricity D: I managed not to get a lot of work done, why? I don't know, I seem to be very distracted. I suck at doing work in the outside world (>_<) lol, well in public places yeah. The university library wasn't bad but now being in the public library I can't seem to get any work done. I just want to watch a drama or something and knock out.