Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stolen Life

Just finished watching this film called "Stolen Life" it is such a good movie, but very depressing. I love depressing movies but this really made feel like shit after watching it lol. But it is a good movie and I totally recommend it if you are into depressing things :] So it's basically about this girl who has a pretty crappy life, she doesn't know much about her parents and her aunt and grandma don't treat her so well so she goes off to a university and happens to meet this guy. They end up liking each other and this is the first guy she ever was intimate with and actually ends up becoming pregnant. Then with this video you see the struggles she goes through after becoming pregnant. It may seem like a cliche movie but trust me it's not.

I really like this movie because although most people would think "oh she's stupid for getting pregnant...she should have been smarter...she was just naive..." blah blah blah I find the way she was realistic. The photo above shows an important quote that most people who are first falling in love believe. I used to think this, that all that mattered was if you loved the person but obviously life is not that easy. There really is more to a relationship than something intangible like love but when you have your first relationship it's hard to acknowledge that because you have never cared so deeply for a stranger, it's your first time. Even more so when they are you first person you are intimate with. I can relate, I was definitely naive with my first love and this movie just reminded me of my ridiculously dumb mistakes that I made because I cared about him.

But yeah, going on with my thoughts lol. Definitely recommend it, and it's on Netflix for those who have it :] (That's where I watched it lol) It's also in Mandarin in case you were wondering what language it is in. So yeah just thought I'd leave this here lol, such a good movie I had to write down my thoughts somewhere. (Images from post found on Tumblr)


  1. It is very sad, but it is also very good :]

  2. Aaw I'm tempted to watch the movie! But gotta make sure no ones home so I can cry all by myself lol!! Reminds me a bit of Koizora! :o God I cried too much over that movie as well XD

    btw thanks for often commenting on my blog ;A; I really appreciate it!!♥

  3. It does sound kinda like it but I don't want to spoil anything for you >_< lol But it definitely is a much different tone than Koizora, a different kind of sad. But I don't want to spoil it lol, I want you to be surprised like I was :] I balled when I saw Koizora ;__; It's my favorite movie though<33 Miura Haruma<33 haha

    No problem :3 I seriously love your blog, and look forward to all your posts :]