Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Buy and Thanksgiving

So as you can see from the picture above, I got a new MacBook Pro :] My laptop has been messing up drastically as I have been complaining about how sucky HPs are. I think I talk about it more on my Tumblr and Twitter though. But before my computer crapped out on me completely I decided to get a new laptop, make an investment since I use my laptop so much and I don't want to buy a laptop again anytime soon (-__-) So I got myself the this Mac :3 And students get a discount so I was super happy with that. I was going to wait till Black Friday but I've never done that before and I wasn't too keen of the whole idea of it all, especially since it's right after Thanksgiving.

I am super happy with it though :D It is going to get some getting used to though, definitely WAY different from a PC. I have to try to remember there is no write clicked and it doesn't have the "page up" and "page down" buttons like on my laptop. I still haven't messed with it yet, though I probably should. I just did basic stuff. But ahh I am super happy. This was a birthday present to myself since my birthday is this Sunday :] Well acutally I wouldn't give myself a birthday present this But I'll just play it off to be like that though. Definitely not going to spending any money for a long time now. Already have to save a poop load for AM2, that's if I'm going. They really need to announce their GOH. 

Anyways, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am excited~ I love all the Thanksgiving food it's soo good ;A; My family doesn't eat turkey though, my dad doesn't like it. I always forget that Thanksgiving is only celebrated in America, I didn't realize until my older sister's friends from London came to American on their Honeymoon and they were talking about how they wish they could have stayed for Thanksgiving to see how it works xD 

Though I am happy I am on Thanksgiving break I am soo not looking forward to class to start again. I have to do a presentation on Monday and I hate presenting :/ Also, going to be studying my ass off for my stats test coming up. Oh, joy. I won't be relieved for break unless it is actually winter break. Well, going to leave one last photo of my beautiful laptop ;A; and I'm off too da loo~


  1. It's soooo freaking pretty ! Why must it be so expensive? TT___TT I really want to switch my crappy acer for a mac pro ..

  2. Aww thank you! Yeah it is very expensive :| But very worth it!

  3. oh my! i feel happy for you ~ i guess having a mac is likely the best! *-* good job ;) khekhekhe

    ShuShu ♥