Wednesday, November 16, 2011

La Brea Tar Pits/Page Museum

So as I have been talking about, I have been planning on going to the La Brea Tar Pits/Page Museum along with the Griffith Observatory due to my Earth Science class requiring the field trip. It took up most of the day, but ended up being quite fun :] I went with my sisters, we left around 11:30 ended up being there around 12:30ish. Above is a picture of the tar pits that have been there for who knows how long, definitely enjoyed the nice stench of tar lol. Me and my sisters were talking about how depressing it was that they made a family of elephants be in the tar. It was cool because they actually made the elephant in tar pit move every now and then.

Little sister and older sister pointing at the tree's "tumor"

Me and my sister just walked around outside for a bit, had to look for Project 23. On our way my little sister pointed out the tree and said it had a big tumor lol, she's so weird. Project 23 was nothing much to look at...yet. Apparently it is a bunch of fossils they have found from several animals during the Ice Age. They are still getting it prepared to show them which is actually pretty cool. After we found Project 23 it was time to go to the museum and look at some displays I was suppose to write about.

Most of the displays were all of the bones and skeletons of prehistoric animals that they found on the property. So crazy to think how much things have changed from that period of time. I was interested in the Saber-toothed cat which is apparently not a "tiger" and everyone calls it according to the museum's display. There was also a prehistoric jaguar that is actually bigger than the saber-toothed cat, and lastly was the Colombian mammoth which was usually around 13 ft tall, this one was 12 ft. These were the displays I found most interesting. Mostly because the saber-toothed cat was my favorite prehistoric animal and the mammoth reminded me of Manny from Ice Age lol.

So believe it or not but the picture up above is of a saber-toothed cat and a sloth. I saw this and was like WTF is the attacking?? Yeah, it's a sloth. People thought Sid looked bad, this sloth had nothing on him lol. Reminded me again of Ice Age when Sid was saying how the antelope and the tigers were playing tag with their teeth xD I was like "OMG Diego and Sid are finally playing tag" haha. Lol, yeah I guess it's somewhat lame that automatically seeing animals from the Ice Age reminds of the movie xD

Below that is 404 Dire Wolf skulls (O.O) I love wolves, they are my favorite animal, so it was cool to see this whole wall of their skulls. According to the display they had different sizes partially to the evolution and the something else I cannot remember. It was super cool though :]

Inside the museum they also had this awesome garden which was probably my favorite part besides the wall of wolf skulls. It had a cute little waterfall which I had to take a picture of. I wanted to take pictures too but my older sister would always make them come out blurry since it was just on my iphone so I told her I'd handle the camera lol.

In the garden there were Koi fish and turtles :D I liked how the turtles where just chillin' there lol. I always see turtles with the name Henry. Don't ask me why, lol. I remember having a little toy turtle when I was little and I called him Henry and I considered him my pet haha, good times. I loved the red orange koi fish, it's color was so vibrant in person. 

Not a lot of food because we already ate most of it lol

And lastly, after we were done with the museum since it was close we decided to go to Gyu-Kaku again which was happy hour all day~ I love happy hour everything is so inexpensive and the food is soo good! I thing what I ordered was $5 and it got me full! Better than getting fast food for $5 in my opinion :]

I didn't take much pictures at the Griffith Observatory was PACKED! See how far we were? That's how far we had to walk, uphill to the observatory because of how full it was. Everyone had to park down the hill and walk to the observatory. It sucked, but it was also nice to get a hike since I haven't gone in forever. I would have liked it better if I was dressed appropriately for the hike though lol. My little sister had jsut bough new boots that she hadn't really broken into yeah she ended up getting a blister or two :/ But yeah, word of advise, DO NOT GO ON THE WEEKEND. I think it was also worse because it was a holiday weekend. I wanted to go during the week but my sisters only had free time on the weekend so that's why we went. It was packed, and me being the antisocial person I am just wanted to get in and get out as soon as I got the stuff I wanted done. So yeah, we didn't stay there for too long. I told my sisters we would go another time when we can actually appreciate the beauty of the museum without being packed like sardines.

Other than that, it was a pretty fun weekend :] BTW anybody else love the Heartstrings OSTs as much as I do? Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye just have amazing voices (;__;)


  1. Im in 2nd episode of heartstrings so i cant tell much about it, but i really like the drama n.n !!

    the place you when looks really cool n.n and I love the photos <3 are great n.n

  2. I love the drama also<33

    Aww thank you Lizzy, you're so sweet :]