Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jin Akanishi's Single Release Meeting in Beverly Hills

As many of you know, I went to LA yesterday for Jin's release of his new song " Test Drive" featuring Jason Derulo where the first 50 people got a meet and greet with him :D I was not one of the first 50 people :[ lol But I was still happy to be there :] Traffic was bad, my dad came a bit later than he planned, he was driving super slow...65 in the fast lane people! Sometimes he would go 70, I'm just like WTF I have it when slow people are in the fast lane there are the right lanes for a reason and I didn't know my dad was one of those people D: lol. The drive over was very awkward, me and my dad did not talk at all. He only talked to me twice to point out different cars and my opinions about them. Oh and the one time he actually tried to have a conversation he was talking crap about Jin saying things I do not really want to say. They weren't horrible but definitely not something I am proud of. Not to mention I got carsick on the way there. Why? No idea, and I got car sick on the way back. Lately I have been getting nauseous so easily and I don't know why (>_<)

Anyways, by the time we finally got there to LA my google maps was telling me it was somewhere else and not at the Beverly Center so we took an hour circling around just find out it was in the mall. Yeah, not so bright. So by the time I finally got there it was 5pm and there was already a crap load of people :/ Though that was lame it didn't bum me out too much because I made a new friend :] Her name is Lico pronounced "Riko" she is Japanese and is here is America for a couple months. She lived in Osaka, and also loves Jin Akanishi. It was nice to bond over our love for him lol. She was really pretty too! I wish I took a picture with her. But we exchanged numbers and are Facebook friends :] 

Anways, we waited till about 7:30 or 8ish? Not sure, which he was suppose to come at 7pm (-__-) Jin trying to be fashionably late I suppose. There were people waiting from early morning apparently :o

So finally the host, Jesse Lozano came who is part of 102.7 KIIS FM the most popular radio station in Los Angeles. He then introduced Jin :] It sucked though because the lighting was horrible D: Most of the time Jin's face was in a shadow because there were lights to the side of him. I wonder whose bright idea was that. That is also why I made the pictures in black and white it was much easier to lighten up the photo without making it too bright where it looked faded. It was much harder to edit them in color, he either looked washed out or the colors looked too harsh. I made some in color if the light was decent, but 99.9% of the time it was bad :/

Lemme just say that when Jin smiled, he looked freakin' adorable. I have a thing for guy's smiles. It's my favorite thing about them or when they laugh. This was the first smiling picture I took :] Whoo, anyways getting off track lol. So there was a bunch of people, I didn't like how it was at such a small stage and small area. They should have made the meeting in a bigger space because in front of the Louis Vuitton store there was not enough room. But anyways, it started out with showing his PV of "Test Drive" and then Jesse introduced him and he came out. Gave some general information about the PV an his experience here and stuff. Then it moved on to questions from the 10 lucky people.

To be honest I don't remember much of the questions. This always happens to me at meet and greets for some reason. I remember then asking "How does he relieve stress?" some people took this sexual lol. I think his reply was something with music, don't remember. They also asked "What he missed most about Japan?" he said his friends (people awed because of KAT-TUN), his family, and the food. They also asked what type of girl he likes and he said three things but I only remember two. He said he likes sexy girls and girls with common sense. I wish I could remember the third thing (-__-) Those were the only questions I remembered and heard because there were people talking around me.

I was actually behind like 3 rows of people in the crowd but I am so happy my camera has such a beautiful zoom (*__*) and eventually people left to the side if they were the couple 50 because they were going to get an autograph soon and what not. So I got excited because I was able to get closer, both me and Lico were taking pictures non-stop xD His profile is amazing!

Look at the horrible lighting D: Ugh so annoying Jin's face is in the shadow. The picture above was one of the people that was here since the early morning and apparently she also knew all the words to "Test Drive" and was dancing to it. Jesse told that to Jin when she came up lol. So yeah, I thought I'd snap a picture since she is such a dedicated fan. I think she said she has been a fan since 2007 or it could have been another girl don't remember lol. The picture below that one was a mom who was a fan of Jin also. She asked him a tricky question she said "I know you say that you really love kids, so I wanted to know what message would you like to send to them" he paused for a bit and I don't remember the whole thing he said but he said "To not give up" and "to keep smiling" It was very cute :3

The picture above was a little girl was asking a question again not even going to say anything about the lighting lol. The picture below that he was smiling so I just wanted to keep it even if the person was in front of him. The signing took forever and to be honest it was most of the meet and greet which kinda sucked because I wish he would have talked more to the audience. But he was very sweet to his fans that cam up from what I saw there was some people who got multiple stuff signed like KAT-TUN merchandise.

I loved the picture on the left because he was smiling but it came out blurry :/ I still decided to post it though because I loved it so much<3

Just some cute picture in between photgraphs. Lol Jin is adorable<3 he was fiddling with the marker constantly.

My favorite pictures I took of Jin, I think these showed a lot of his personality. I just love his smile (;__;) But yeah, that was the end of it. It went by pretty quick besides the autographs (-__-) That took foreverrrr. But it was awesome overall happy to see him in person and be so close :o Becase after a while people left since he was just doing photographs but  a lot of people stayed till the end also me and Lico were one of those lol. After Jin left my sister came and me and Lico parted ways.

On our way out of the parking structure in the mall we were behind this car and saw this. I decided to snap a shot of her awesome license plate lol :]

Afterwards, me and my older sister were starving. I had not eaten since 3pm and it was 9pm so we went to Gyu-Kaku during happy hour and ordered till out hearts content~ I ordered Spicy Pork, steamed white rice, Spicy Tuna Volcano, and karaage. It was delicious (O-O) You get to cook your own meat :] So fun and so bombbb, Korean food used to be my favorite food but Japanese is my favorite now :] My older sister ordered shrimp balls which are those fancy looking things to the left, calamari, and some kinds of meat not sure what it was. 

Overall, it was a great day, other than the car sick crap that happened I was happy because I got see Jin, meet a new friend, and eat Japanese food. Great day<3

----------------------------------------EDIT 8:47PM----------------------------------------

Totally forgot me and Lico got to take a picture by the Jin staff with his poster but we don't know where the picture is going to be. I also got interviewed, they asked me several questions about Jin obviously. I was so nervous, I was telling Lico I hope they don't use any footage of me because I am wayyy too self conscious lol. I was talking way too much so I hope they just trash my interview and put other people's in. I don't even know where it's going to be. Then everyone got videotaped and the guy told us it was going to shown internationally (O_O) Me and Lico just looked at each other like WTF lol kk just wanted to share that little bit I forgot^^


  1. I think your photos turned out great. The lighting makes them look very artistic! Your dinner looks delicious.

  2. Thank you so much :D Ah yes, I wish I can eat meals like that everyday<3 lol

  3. I saw this on the news this morning! his English is so good wtf lol I'm glad you had the opportunity to see him AND take pictures because that kind of thing is never allowed in Japan :(

  4. I love it, i love it, i love it ! haha you are so lucky so cool <3 and i lvoe the pictures are great!!!

  5. @Monica: His English is really good! He sounds so cute :3 It's because he just spent a crap load of months in America specifically for learning only English. He was definitely dedicated! I wish I could see it on the news ;__; lol Aww thank you :] Yeah, Lico was telling me that they are WAY strict in Japan when it comes to that kind of stuff. It's usually a no photo thing. That's so lame :[

    @Lizzy: Ahh thank you :D <3

  6. Ohh, what kind of camera/lens do you use? The zoom is super :D Always when I try to zoom it ends up like my zoom is too short u___u""" Like your blog (:

  7. Ahh thank you~ Yeah, it's a Nikon Coolpix L110. I bought it specifically for it's zoom and it wasn't too expensive :]

  8. Yo! I actually heard about the news and I doubt my eyes! lol Aw, guess what, my name in Japanese is Yuri/ユリ in fact;) Nice to meet ya!

  9. Lol :] Ah yeah how cool :D Nice too meet you too Lily!