Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jin Akanishi Meet and Greet

Pretty much the flyer says it all, get to meet Jin Akanishi in LA if you are the first 50 people in line. I want to go so bad, I only have class till 12:20pm so I could go. Only problem is no ride to LA, I don't think my car could make it to LA, has too many miles so it can't drive long distances. My older sister is working and my younger sister has school all day. My dad might be able to take me, but I would feel bad for him :/ Waiting in line for hours just because I want to see some singer. That's what he would be thinking. I would tell him he could leave and walk around and do other stuff in LA while I'm in line but I have no phone so he wouldn't be able to get a hold of me :/ I don't know as of right now it's a maybe and more leaning towards a no because he might be working also. Oh well, we'll see.

I don't even know if I would be one of the 50 people, I don't know how extreme Jin's hardcore fans are. But even if I don't get an autograph/meet and greet seeing him in person would be awesome :]

---------------------------Edit at 7:00pm---------------------------

So turns out I am going to the Jin Akanishi release party :D My mom realized her work wasn't going to be an all day thing and I told her she could drop me off because I didn't want her to be waiting for hours in line with me, that would be cruel. So she will just come back to pick me up when it's done :] And I got a phone now so keeping in touch won't be a problem. It's the iphone 4 :D I'll do more details on my next post. We also might go shopping, depending on how early we get there. And I finally got hair dye to redye my hair. Again I'll post more about it on my next post, when I have some time. Cannot wait :D


  1. omg you're so lucky that you get to go! : D What color are you dying your hair? GET ME AN AUTOGRAPHH TOOOO! >: D

  2. Ahh thanks :D But I have no idea if I will be part of the first 50, I sure hope so D: I will definitely get you an autograph if I can :D Then I'll send it via mail lol xD

    &I am redying my hair red :] It is all faded to brown since I haven't dyed it since August D:

  3. I am not sure, but I think so since it's going to be outside the Louis Vuitton store. I am pretty sure it's not some closed event so let's hope I can take pictures, because I'm bringing my camera! lol