Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Surprise

So today is my birthday, and I almost completely forgot. The only reason why I remembered because friends from Japan were telling me the day before Happy Birthday since it was already the 27th over there. My little sister came into my room around midnight and my older sister came around 1am because my insomnia decided to kick in and she saw I was awake. They keep talking about how I am no longer a teenager since I'm officially 20 lol, I don't feel any different though. I cam down and my little sister made me chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting ;A; My favorite<3 My older sister also told me she would make me pancakes ;__; I was so happy. I only managed to eat 2 though, I used to be able to eat like 4 or 5 when I has a fast metabolism ;A; so sad. My parents actually forgot it was my birthday, even when they saw the cupcakes my little sister made it didn't click xD My dad said he was going to give me $200 O_O I thought that was way too much so I just asked for $50.

Very nice and simple Vivienne Westwood wallet I want. (Image from: here)

I am dying to get a Vivienne Westwood wallet since I haven't bought a wallet since high school. The only problem is it is like $200 ;A; So depressing~ I'm such a sucker for Vivienne Westwood D: I could have bought it if my dad gave me the money but I feel like I am wasting their money...I rather get it with my own money. But either way I might need to save for new clothes I need.

The rest of the day will consist of an episode of Glee and homework, oh joy~ lol


  1. Happy birthday!
    That wallet is cute!
    Nice blog, I am a new follower <333!

  2. Thank you for he birthday wishes, and thank you for following :] I am glad you enjoy my blog <3

  3. Ahhh! Happy belated birthday! >< I missed it.

  4. Ooooh Happy belated birthday!!! Ô__Ô/

    Sorry I missed it doh...

    Aaw but those cupcakes look really cute♥

    Aaw girl you are too nice haha! It's only your birthday once a year so receiving a bigger amount of money that day shouldn't be too bad right? lol.. But I know how you feel ;)

    And I LOVE Vivianne Westwood as well!! I have been looking at one of her perfumes over here in Japan, and it's so much cheaper than at home.. I need to save up lol.

  5. @Rae: It's alright no worries^^ Thank you :DD

    @Hopy: It's alright, thank you Hopy :D
    Lol I know, I probably shouldn't feel too bad but it just gets to me! I don't think $100 would have been too bad though lol. *shrugs* Oh well~ Really?? I was also looking at the perfumes but they are so expensive! Everything Vivienne Westwood is expensive :/ But sooo worth it<3 lol