Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Surprise

So today is my birthday, and I almost completely forgot. The only reason why I remembered because friends from Japan were telling me the day before Happy Birthday since it was already the 27th over there. My little sister came into my room around midnight and my older sister came around 1am because my insomnia decided to kick in and she saw I was awake. They keep talking about how I am no longer a teenager since I'm officially 20 lol, I don't feel any different though. I cam down and my little sister made me chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting ;A; My favorite<3 My older sister also told me she would make me pancakes ;__; I was so happy. I only managed to eat 2 though, I used to be able to eat like 4 or 5 when I has a fast metabolism ;A; so sad. My parents actually forgot it was my birthday, even when they saw the cupcakes my little sister made it didn't click xD My dad said he was going to give me $200 O_O I thought that was way too much so I just asked for $50.

Very nice and simple Vivienne Westwood wallet I want. (Image from: here)

I am dying to get a Vivienne Westwood wallet since I haven't bought a wallet since high school. The only problem is it is like $200 ;A; So depressing~ I'm such a sucker for Vivienne Westwood D: I could have bought it if my dad gave me the money but I feel like I am wasting their money...I rather get it with my own money. But either way I might need to save for new clothes I need.

The rest of the day will consist of an episode of Glee and homework, oh joy~ lol

Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Buy and Thanksgiving

So as you can see from the picture above, I got a new MacBook Pro :] My laptop has been messing up drastically as I have been complaining about how sucky HPs are. I think I talk about it more on my Tumblr and Twitter though. But before my computer crapped out on me completely I decided to get a new laptop, make an investment since I use my laptop so much and I don't want to buy a laptop again anytime soon (-__-) So I got myself the this Mac :3 And students get a discount so I was super happy with that. I was going to wait till Black Friday but I've never done that before and I wasn't too keen of the whole idea of it all, especially since it's right after Thanksgiving.

I am super happy with it though :D It is going to get some getting used to though, definitely WAY different from a PC. I have to try to remember there is no write clicked and it doesn't have the "page up" and "page down" buttons like on my laptop. I still haven't messed with it yet, though I probably should. I just did basic stuff. But ahh I am super happy. This was a birthday present to myself since my birthday is this Sunday :] Well acutally I wouldn't give myself a birthday present this But I'll just play it off to be like that though. Definitely not going to spending any money for a long time now. Already have to save a poop load for AM2, that's if I'm going. They really need to announce their GOH. 

Anyways, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am excited~ I love all the Thanksgiving food it's soo good ;A; My family doesn't eat turkey though, my dad doesn't like it. I always forget that Thanksgiving is only celebrated in America, I didn't realize until my older sister's friends from London came to American on their Honeymoon and they were talking about how they wish they could have stayed for Thanksgiving to see how it works xD 

Though I am happy I am on Thanksgiving break I am soo not looking forward to class to start again. I have to do a presentation on Monday and I hate presenting :/ Also, going to be studying my ass off for my stats test coming up. Oh, joy. I won't be relieved for break unless it is actually winter break. Well, going to leave one last photo of my beautiful laptop ;A; and I'm off too da loo~

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stolen Life

Just finished watching this film called "Stolen Life" it is such a good movie, but very depressing. I love depressing movies but this really made feel like shit after watching it lol. But it is a good movie and I totally recommend it if you are into depressing things :] So it's basically about this girl who has a pretty crappy life, she doesn't know much about her parents and her aunt and grandma don't treat her so well so she goes off to a university and happens to meet this guy. They end up liking each other and this is the first guy she ever was intimate with and actually ends up becoming pregnant. Then with this video you see the struggles she goes through after becoming pregnant. It may seem like a cliche movie but trust me it's not.

I really like this movie because although most people would think "oh she's stupid for getting pregnant...she should have been smarter...she was just naive..." blah blah blah I find the way she was realistic. The photo above shows an important quote that most people who are first falling in love believe. I used to think this, that all that mattered was if you loved the person but obviously life is not that easy. There really is more to a relationship than something intangible like love but when you have your first relationship it's hard to acknowledge that because you have never cared so deeply for a stranger, it's your first time. Even more so when they are you first person you are intimate with. I can relate, I was definitely naive with my first love and this movie just reminded me of my ridiculously dumb mistakes that I made because I cared about him.

But yeah, going on with my thoughts lol. Definitely recommend it, and it's on Netflix for those who have it :] (That's where I watched it lol) It's also in Mandarin in case you were wondering what language it is in. So yeah just thought I'd leave this here lol, such a good movie I had to write down my thoughts somewhere. (Images from post found on Tumblr)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

La Brea Tar Pits/Page Museum

So as I have been talking about, I have been planning on going to the La Brea Tar Pits/Page Museum along with the Griffith Observatory due to my Earth Science class requiring the field trip. It took up most of the day, but ended up being quite fun :] I went with my sisters, we left around 11:30 ended up being there around 12:30ish. Above is a picture of the tar pits that have been there for who knows how long, definitely enjoyed the nice stench of tar lol. Me and my sisters were talking about how depressing it was that they made a family of elephants be in the tar. It was cool because they actually made the elephant in tar pit move every now and then.

Little sister and older sister pointing at the tree's "tumor"

Me and my sister just walked around outside for a bit, had to look for Project 23. On our way my little sister pointed out the tree and said it had a big tumor lol, she's so weird. Project 23 was nothing much to look at...yet. Apparently it is a bunch of fossils they have found from several animals during the Ice Age. They are still getting it prepared to show them which is actually pretty cool. After we found Project 23 it was time to go to the museum and look at some displays I was suppose to write about.

Most of the displays were all of the bones and skeletons of prehistoric animals that they found on the property. So crazy to think how much things have changed from that period of time. I was interested in the Saber-toothed cat which is apparently not a "tiger" and everyone calls it according to the museum's display. There was also a prehistoric jaguar that is actually bigger than the saber-toothed cat, and lastly was the Colombian mammoth which was usually around 13 ft tall, this one was 12 ft. These were the displays I found most interesting. Mostly because the saber-toothed cat was my favorite prehistoric animal and the mammoth reminded me of Manny from Ice Age lol.

So believe it or not but the picture up above is of a saber-toothed cat and a sloth. I saw this and was like WTF is the attacking?? Yeah, it's a sloth. People thought Sid looked bad, this sloth had nothing on him lol. Reminded me again of Ice Age when Sid was saying how the antelope and the tigers were playing tag with their teeth xD I was like "OMG Diego and Sid are finally playing tag" haha. Lol, yeah I guess it's somewhat lame that automatically seeing animals from the Ice Age reminds of the movie xD

Below that is 404 Dire Wolf skulls (O.O) I love wolves, they are my favorite animal, so it was cool to see this whole wall of their skulls. According to the display they had different sizes partially to the evolution and the something else I cannot remember. It was super cool though :]

Inside the museum they also had this awesome garden which was probably my favorite part besides the wall of wolf skulls. It had a cute little waterfall which I had to take a picture of. I wanted to take pictures too but my older sister would always make them come out blurry since it was just on my iphone so I told her I'd handle the camera lol.

In the garden there were Koi fish and turtles :D I liked how the turtles where just chillin' there lol. I always see turtles with the name Henry. Don't ask me why, lol. I remember having a little toy turtle when I was little and I called him Henry and I considered him my pet haha, good times. I loved the red orange koi fish, it's color was so vibrant in person. 

Not a lot of food because we already ate most of it lol

And lastly, after we were done with the museum since it was close we decided to go to Gyu-Kaku again which was happy hour all day~ I love happy hour everything is so inexpensive and the food is soo good! I thing what I ordered was $5 and it got me full! Better than getting fast food for $5 in my opinion :]

I didn't take much pictures at the Griffith Observatory was PACKED! See how far we were? That's how far we had to walk, uphill to the observatory because of how full it was. Everyone had to park down the hill and walk to the observatory. It sucked, but it was also nice to get a hike since I haven't gone in forever. I would have liked it better if I was dressed appropriately for the hike though lol. My little sister had jsut bough new boots that she hadn't really broken into yeah she ended up getting a blister or two :/ But yeah, word of advise, DO NOT GO ON THE WEEKEND. I think it was also worse because it was a holiday weekend. I wanted to go during the week but my sisters only had free time on the weekend so that's why we went. It was packed, and me being the antisocial person I am just wanted to get in and get out as soon as I got the stuff I wanted done. So yeah, we didn't stay there for too long. I told my sisters we would go another time when we can actually appreciate the beauty of the museum without being packed like sardines.

Other than that, it was a pretty fun weekend :] BTW anybody else love the Heartstrings OSTs as much as I do? Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye just have amazing voices (;__;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jin Akanishi's Single Release Meeting in Beverly Hills

As many of you know, I went to LA yesterday for Jin's release of his new song " Test Drive" featuring Jason Derulo where the first 50 people got a meet and greet with him :D I was not one of the first 50 people :[ lol But I was still happy to be there :] Traffic was bad, my dad came a bit later than he planned, he was driving super slow...65 in the fast lane people! Sometimes he would go 70, I'm just like WTF I have it when slow people are in the fast lane there are the right lanes for a reason and I didn't know my dad was one of those people D: lol. The drive over was very awkward, me and my dad did not talk at all. He only talked to me twice to point out different cars and my opinions about them. Oh and the one time he actually tried to have a conversation he was talking crap about Jin saying things I do not really want to say. They weren't horrible but definitely not something I am proud of. Not to mention I got carsick on the way there. Why? No idea, and I got car sick on the way back. Lately I have been getting nauseous so easily and I don't know why (>_<)

Anyways, by the time we finally got there to LA my google maps was telling me it was somewhere else and not at the Beverly Center so we took an hour circling around just find out it was in the mall. Yeah, not so bright. So by the time I finally got there it was 5pm and there was already a crap load of people :/ Though that was lame it didn't bum me out too much because I made a new friend :] Her name is Lico pronounced "Riko" she is Japanese and is here is America for a couple months. She lived in Osaka, and also loves Jin Akanishi. It was nice to bond over our love for him lol. She was really pretty too! I wish I took a picture with her. But we exchanged numbers and are Facebook friends :] 

Anways, we waited till about 7:30 or 8ish? Not sure, which he was suppose to come at 7pm (-__-) Jin trying to be fashionably late I suppose. There were people waiting from early morning apparently :o

So finally the host, Jesse Lozano came who is part of 102.7 KIIS FM the most popular radio station in Los Angeles. He then introduced Jin :] It sucked though because the lighting was horrible D: Most of the time Jin's face was in a shadow because there were lights to the side of him. I wonder whose bright idea was that. That is also why I made the pictures in black and white it was much easier to lighten up the photo without making it too bright where it looked faded. It was much harder to edit them in color, he either looked washed out or the colors looked too harsh. I made some in color if the light was decent, but 99.9% of the time it was bad :/

Lemme just say that when Jin smiled, he looked freakin' adorable. I have a thing for guy's smiles. It's my favorite thing about them or when they laugh. This was the first smiling picture I took :] Whoo, anyways getting off track lol. So there was a bunch of people, I didn't like how it was at such a small stage and small area. They should have made the meeting in a bigger space because in front of the Louis Vuitton store there was not enough room. But anyways, it started out with showing his PV of "Test Drive" and then Jesse introduced him and he came out. Gave some general information about the PV an his experience here and stuff. Then it moved on to questions from the 10 lucky people.

To be honest I don't remember much of the questions. This always happens to me at meet and greets for some reason. I remember then asking "How does he relieve stress?" some people took this sexual lol. I think his reply was something with music, don't remember. They also asked "What he missed most about Japan?" he said his friends (people awed because of KAT-TUN), his family, and the food. They also asked what type of girl he likes and he said three things but I only remember two. He said he likes sexy girls and girls with common sense. I wish I could remember the third thing (-__-) Those were the only questions I remembered and heard because there were people talking around me.

I was actually behind like 3 rows of people in the crowd but I am so happy my camera has such a beautiful zoom (*__*) and eventually people left to the side if they were the couple 50 because they were going to get an autograph soon and what not. So I got excited because I was able to get closer, both me and Lico were taking pictures non-stop xD His profile is amazing!

Look at the horrible lighting D: Ugh so annoying Jin's face is in the shadow. The picture above was one of the people that was here since the early morning and apparently she also knew all the words to "Test Drive" and was dancing to it. Jesse told that to Jin when she came up lol. So yeah, I thought I'd snap a picture since she is such a dedicated fan. I think she said she has been a fan since 2007 or it could have been another girl don't remember lol. The picture below that one was a mom who was a fan of Jin also. She asked him a tricky question she said "I know you say that you really love kids, so I wanted to know what message would you like to send to them" he paused for a bit and I don't remember the whole thing he said but he said "To not give up" and "to keep smiling" It was very cute :3

The picture above was a little girl was asking a question again not even going to say anything about the lighting lol. The picture below that he was smiling so I just wanted to keep it even if the person was in front of him. The signing took forever and to be honest it was most of the meet and greet which kinda sucked because I wish he would have talked more to the audience. But he was very sweet to his fans that cam up from what I saw there was some people who got multiple stuff signed like KAT-TUN merchandise.

I loved the picture on the left because he was smiling but it came out blurry :/ I still decided to post it though because I loved it so much<3

Just some cute picture in between photgraphs. Lol Jin is adorable<3 he was fiddling with the marker constantly.

My favorite pictures I took of Jin, I think these showed a lot of his personality. I just love his smile (;__;) But yeah, that was the end of it. It went by pretty quick besides the autographs (-__-) That took foreverrrr. But it was awesome overall happy to see him in person and be so close :o Becase after a while people left since he was just doing photographs but  a lot of people stayed till the end also me and Lico were one of those lol. After Jin left my sister came and me and Lico parted ways.

On our way out of the parking structure in the mall we were behind this car and saw this. I decided to snap a shot of her awesome license plate lol :]

Afterwards, me and my older sister were starving. I had not eaten since 3pm and it was 9pm so we went to Gyu-Kaku during happy hour and ordered till out hearts content~ I ordered Spicy Pork, steamed white rice, Spicy Tuna Volcano, and karaage. It was delicious (O-O) You get to cook your own meat :] So fun and so bombbb, Korean food used to be my favorite food but Japanese is my favorite now :] My older sister ordered shrimp balls which are those fancy looking things to the left, calamari, and some kinds of meat not sure what it was. 

Overall, it was a great day, other than the car sick crap that happened I was happy because I got see Jin, meet a new friend, and eat Japanese food. Great day<3

----------------------------------------EDIT 8:47PM----------------------------------------

Totally forgot me and Lico got to take a picture by the Jin staff with his poster but we don't know where the picture is going to be. I also got interviewed, they asked me several questions about Jin obviously. I was so nervous, I was telling Lico I hope they don't use any footage of me because I am wayyy too self conscious lol. I was talking way too much so I hope they just trash my interview and put other people's in. I don't even know where it's going to be. Then everyone got videotaped and the guy told us it was going to shown internationally (O_O) Me and Lico just looked at each other like WTF lol kk just wanted to share that little bit I forgot^^

Monday, November 7, 2011

Plans for the Week and Other Random Stuff

Hello everyone, just wanted to update on some new stuff that has been going on and not so new :] So tomorrow is the Jin Akanishi Single Release Party and I am excited~ After class I am going to LA, my mom might not be able to take me now but my dad isn't working so he can. Lol, plans change so much. But yeah, I am soo excited :D So that's for tomorrow, I will definitely bring my camera and now that I have the iphone I could use that as well :] This weekend I am also planning on going to the La Brea Tar Pits and the Griffith Observatory. I want to get this assignment out of the way so I can concentrate on my stats when I need to.

I also didn't know if you guys knew that I have been in need of a new laptop since the one I am using is fucking up (>_<) I complain about it all the time on my Tumblr. But yeah, do not get an HP. It sucks. I need a new battery and wire charger thing, my screen needs to be fixed because HPs have a common problem where the screen starts to flicker and my screen has been flickering for quite some time but now it's gotten to the point where I can't see the bottom start bar (-__-) and my audio went away and my webcam is broken. Whoo fun~ So I was going to get a new laptop and if I have enough money I will get a Mac :] I have my savings for emergencies like this for a reason. Also, because I use my laptop so much and this laptop only lasted me 2 1/2 years I think it would be a good investment and worth it in the long run. But who knows, it's just a thought.

Now to some other stuff, I was tagged by Aki with this survey thing to talk about myself I guess? Lol I don't know how these work, this is the first time I'm doing it but I'm actually excited.

1. Link Back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 Random things about yourself
3. Answer the ''Favorite'' Questions
4. Award this to 7 bloggers.

7 Random Things About Yourself
  1. I am on my computer almost 24/7
  2. I don't like shopping unless I'm in a mood to which is rare
  3. I am very lazy
  4. Favorite book is Hebi ni Piasu
  5. I love Peter Pan 
  6. The only brand name I like is Vivienne Westwood
  7. I really like astronomy

Name your favourite colour: Purple
Name your favorite song: Way too hard ><;; I think right now "Coke in a Vein" by EYA
Name your favorite dessert: Kahlua pie
What is annoying to you: People who judge easily and are narrow minded
When you are upset you: Listen to music
Your favorite pet: I've never had a favorite pet, I love all of them pretty much the same
Your biggest fear: Never being able to genuinely open up to people
My best feature: Hair :] I try so hard to take care of it lol
Everyday Attitude: Usually just whatever
What is perfection: subjective
Guilty Pleasure: Not sure

I Tag

I would tag more but I am too lazy and to be honest I'm also too shy to tag anyone else (>_<;;) Lol ughh I'm so lame.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jin Akanishi Meet and Greet

Pretty much the flyer says it all, get to meet Jin Akanishi in LA if you are the first 50 people in line. I want to go so bad, I only have class till 12:20pm so I could go. Only problem is no ride to LA, I don't think my car could make it to LA, has too many miles so it can't drive long distances. My older sister is working and my younger sister has school all day. My dad might be able to take me, but I would feel bad for him :/ Waiting in line for hours just because I want to see some singer. That's what he would be thinking. I would tell him he could leave and walk around and do other stuff in LA while I'm in line but I have no phone so he wouldn't be able to get a hold of me :/ I don't know as of right now it's a maybe and more leaning towards a no because he might be working also. Oh well, we'll see.

I don't even know if I would be one of the 50 people, I don't know how extreme Jin's hardcore fans are. But even if I don't get an autograph/meet and greet seeing him in person would be awesome :]

---------------------------Edit at 7:00pm---------------------------

So turns out I am going to the Jin Akanishi release party :D My mom realized her work wasn't going to be an all day thing and I told her she could drop me off because I didn't want her to be waiting for hours in line with me, that would be cruel. So she will just come back to pick me up when it's done :] And I got a phone now so keeping in touch won't be a problem. It's the iphone 4 :D I'll do more details on my next post. We also might go shopping, depending on how early we get there. And I finally got hair dye to redye my hair. Again I'll post more about it on my next post, when I have some time. Cannot wait :D