Saturday, October 15, 2011

Little Tokyo Adventure

So this was my little Tokyo adventure I had with my friend Jana when we went to LA for the JYJ concert back in May. I wish I would have taken more pictures but I felt like such a tourist with my camera xD It makes me feel like a professional photographer but it also draws so much attention lol. I also lack photography skills so I just feel lame in general lol. But when we went to LA we thought we might as well go to Little Tokyo and Koreatown to see the stuff they had. We first ate at a Japanese restaurant, my older sister was with us because she drove us there.

Inside they had lights with Sushi on them, I thought it was so cute that I decided to take a picture. The typical sushi rolls~ They actually had different types of Sushi on different lights.

What my meal was<3 Teriyaki chicken, salad, steamed rice with sesame seeds on it (it was heaven ;__;) and peas or string beans or whatever those are lol. It was really good and I was filled quite fast so Jana ate my peas or whatever.

My older sister what much hungrier so she got something bigger, her sushi was so good, and she ate her fish and tempura all quick I'll admit I was a bit jealous of what she got lol. And my friend Jana had sushi tempura it was a lot! It was covered in tempura but it looked really good lol.

Afterwards we went out and I just took some pictures of the place we were at and what not. I wish I would have taken pictures of things in stores but there was a bunch of stores that said no video or camera :[ So lame~

But overall, they had cool stuff. We went to this one store that had a bunch of Japanese magazines from Gal to hosts and they also had lots of movies and dramas. I saw Hana Yori Dango :D I really wanted Koizora but couldn't find it :/ There was also a lot of kpop and anime stuff at that place, ooh and mangas :] But everything was so expensive (-__-) Kinda bummed me out lol, I ended up not buying anything from there. I actually think I didn't buy anything in general actually.

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