Saturday, October 15, 2011

JYJ Concert @ LA Nokia Theatre

The JYJ Concert, back in May :] It was such a fun concert, but I think I took too much video rather than actually being there and listening to the concert. I didn't even end up uploading all the videos onto my YouTube because I was too lazy but you can find the video of it here if you are interested. I was also a bit annoyed with my camera because it was fairly new at this time and I still didn't really know how to use it besides taking pictures and recording video and you had to be VERY steady for the picture not to come out blurry especially when you zoomed in a lot. I didn't check out the other settings or nothing so a lot of pictures ended up being blurry, but there were some pretty good ones :]

Here is a picture of the stage, while me and Jana were waiting for the concert to start. One thing I didn't like about it was that they didn't start on time. I was surprised, I think it was like 20 minutes later or something like that maybe a little less or more, I don't remember but apparently it's super expensive if you go over the time on Nokia Theatre so it was a bit weird that they didn't start on time.

So they started out with a video introducing JYJ, it was cool because it showed different video shoots of them if you see in the picture above and then it introduced the members and saying how this was their first worldwide concert as JYJ. I always get so excited when I participate in bands/groups "first" anything lol.

They had amazing lighting in the show that definitely went with each performance they did. It was a bunch of fun. A blurry picture of them (-___-) But they looked great.

Jaejoong looked amazing<3 I'll admit I do have a bit of a bias when it goes to him, he is my favorite member of the group so I took a bunch of pictures of just him lol.

My favorite song that they performed would have to be "Be My Girl" the regular version and the remix version, they ended it with the remix version and it was just so fun and a great way to end it. I also really liked "Found You" that one is in Korean, I was glad they actually performed Korean songs as well because Jin Akanishi just sticks to his English songs and doesn't like to mix them together which kind of sucks in my opinion because I love his Japanese songs.

I love my camera's zoom. You can see how well it zooms by the pictures, the the bottom one was also a bit zoomed in I think? I am not sure but you get an idea of how far we were and how close my camera goes in so yes, I was very happy. I got this camera for this very reason, but of how well the video is and how well it zooms for when I am at concerts like this :] But anyways, all in all the concert was fun.

A lot of people are really sad that they broke away from DBSK but they honestly looked happy performing and doing what they want to do. Same goes with Jin Akanishi leaving KAT-TUN and Yamapi and Ryo leaving NEWS. So many break ups lol, a lot of fans get really crushed over this but they should think about the reasons why they leave and it ultimately it's their choice, and they should do whatever makes them happy :] Ok, done rambling.


  1. I wanted to go and could not ;_; ! amazing pictures n.n love it ~!

  2. @Lizzy: Are you serious? I am sorry (T-T) I am glad you like the pictures though :D Hopefully you can go to another concert :D

  3. awww I'm so jealous!!!
    They look soo good! <333
    You are a lucky one!
    - Btw I replied to your comment hehe


  4. Ahh thanks :D
    I was really awed by their beauty in real life lol
    Especially Jaejoong<33

    I just replied back as well~

  5. omg JYJ <3
    you're so lucky! love the photos! such good quality for concert photos! O: yumm xD hehe <3

  6. Aww thank you :D
    Yeah I would like to give all the credit to my camera and photoshop for editing the lighting and stuff lol :]

  7. Wahhh!!! I'm so jealous!! They were supposed to come to Hawaii~~ I even bought their tix for $150 and even made shirts!! But the show was cancelled >< They look perfect *~*

    xoxo tifuani

  8. Are you serious?? That must have sucked D: