Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Little Sis

Little sister's birthday today. I thought I'd post a picture of last years birthday dinner. First time I ever had sushi. Our friends Krista and Jon made it for her birthday present and we were able to enjoy it :] It was amazingly delicious. The best sushi I have ever had to this day. Now we are having pizza for this birthday dinner lol. It's funny how different it is, but it's her favorite food and she has been on a Vegan diet and recently stopped. We both have actually. It was a pain. But I think that's what helped me lose 5 pounds :] Anyways, she just turned 18. She is getting so big :3 lol.

It's my older sister's birthday this Saturday. She is going with her boyfriend to Disneyland. I think she is turning 24...we are all getting so old now.

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