Friday, October 28, 2011

Birthday Soon &Birthday Throwback

My birthday is coming up soon, kinda not really lol. It's not till the end of November. I have no idea what I am going to do, me and Jana were planning to go to the kpop concert but we all ready know what happened with that. Because that has gone down the drain, probably going to do the usual which is go out and eat with my family meaning: mom, dad, sisters. Or just my sisters. Last year it was just my sisters and we went to Irvine<3 Many people don't like Irvine because it's so safe and boring from what I've heard, but trust once you have lived in the Inland Empire your whole life you tend to think anything is better than this. 

Well anyways, last year was nice in the sense that we just went to Irvine, ate at my favorite restaurant, Cha for Tea, which is a Chinese food restaurant. It's not authentic but it's also not really fast food. It's a bit of a in between.

Let me tell you though, taste MUCH better than Panda Express. I like Panda Express and everything but it doesn't really taste like real Chinese food. My friend Jana's mom has cooked for me so yes I know what homemade Chinese food taste like. It is delicious. W

ell anyways, it also has bubble tea :D The first time I ever tried bubble tea was actually here and Cha, my older sister took me here when we first visited Irvine a while back and told me I had to try the bubble tea. I remember when I first tried it I wasn't sure if I liked it, but the second time I tried it I loved it. And I have been in a relationship with bubble tea ever since<3 lol.

After Cha, we then went to UCI to look at the campus for fun. Pretty lame right? Most people would be thinking I'm crazy for going to visit a university for my birthday. But, I am in love with UCI's campus. It is just so pretty and green, that's a big reason why I decided I wanted to go there because I always envisioned a campus to look like UCI's :] So for me it was really something I was looking forward to.


We ended up taking some pictures by places that I liked best at UCI, this one was taken to show how big the trees were. At UCI they have this park in the middle of the campus which is really nice and has HUGE trees, and when I say huge I mean huge, the roots are up from the ground and it is just enormously beautiful. I took pictures of those on my phone but that was the phone I lost and for some reason I didn't send it to my email so I don't have those pics anymore :[

My little sister was really having fun being all random lol, but she cracks me up. The picture above is a picture of the park. It is so pretty, I honestly love it. And the picture between is a picture of these statues of famous Asian scholars or something? I am not too sure, my older sister told me at the time but I can't remember. This is when you are leaving the park and going under a bridge which is the picture I first posted at the beginning of the entry.

 After UCI we ended up going to Balboa Pier (I love how everything in Orange County is so close) and that is where we just walked around on the pier and I took pictures of the beach when the sun was setting, but I didn't really like too many.

We walked to this section of the pier where there is like a little carnival looking place I guess you can say? It had a small arcade, ferris wheel, some games, stand, etc. I should have taken more pictures but oh well. (Sorry for the pixelated pictures these were all taken on my old camera phone) 

Once it was starting to get dark we decided to go to the Irvine Spectrum :] I love the Irvine Spectrum, it is such a pretty mall with a ferris wheel and a merry go round. So not only is it nice to go shopping, but it is also nice just to hang out. It has the two stores I'll ever need which is H&M and Forever21 so I'm pretty much set when I go here. 

And also a cool thing about it, is during the winter they bring an ice skating rink so people can go ice skating :]  I didn't want to go because it involved money which we already spent for the gas and the food and because I didn't feel like paying money to make myself look like an idiot in front on people. I have never gone ice skating before, I will end up doing it one of these days though. Probably in a bigger rink so if I fall I won't crash into people lol.

Wow, this was basically just a post of the past but it was nice to reminisce. It has me thinking of what I can really do for my birthday now. Well off to eat and then do homework. Stats my dears, do not take. It really does consume your life. I'm not even going to get into the other stuff I need to do. That's on my previous post already. じゃね~


  1. i love all the pictures are a really beautiful palces n.n ~! oh your b-day !!! n.n well i hope you pass really well on your b-daii n.n

  2. Thanks Lizzy that is so sweet of you<3 Orange County is really nice, so many different beaches and piers :] I'm glad you liked the pictures :D