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AM² Con 2011: Day 3 Shopping, Kanon x Kanon, SCANDAL

So I realized, after starting to write this that I have not included the Heidi meet and greet wasn't there :o I tried to think about when it was. It was in the third day but I do not remember when :/ But I'll just talk about it here, it was not that great :/

Heidi Meet and Greet
The meet and greet was like 15 people at a table with Heidi and a translator and we got to ask them questions. Pretty much like the panel, but just closer up. I was kinda bored with it, people were nervous for one and no one really could think of questions. I remember them talking about anime. Kiri said he loves anime and manga that he is like an otaku. This was the only thing that caught my interest. I love Kiri and to find out he likes anime/manga was cool, made me like him even more :] So yeah, that was pretty much it and we left after a couple minutes.

I was kinda bummed, I really hoped that they made the meet and greet more personal. After seeing this meet and greet I wasn't to sad about missing the Sadie one. I think the autograph session were more intimate that the "meet and greet" and I wish AM2 would make the meet and greets more similar to that. They made it sound like you could just talk and hang out, take pictures with them which was definitely not the case. Maybe not hang out but taking pics and talking a bit more intimately, one on one like the autograph would have been nice!

So the third day was the day reserved for shopping since it didn't really have many things going on besides the Kanon signing and the SCANDAL concert which wasn't till later. I was told there was going to be kpop, jpop, and jrock things at the convention so I was really excited to shop :D But to my surprise, no kpop or really anything jpop :/ The most they had was jrock and it was just posters. The best booth there was the CURE booth in my opinion lol. I bought the most there, and their stuff was the nicest.

So this stuff I actually got the first day. These where the photosets that they signed the first time and the second autograph session was the CD :3 I also got the CURE magazine because I liked what they had inside. Sadie, Vistlip, Spiv States, and they even have a small ad of EAT YOU ALIVE :D I was so happy when I saw that. I think these purchases were my happiest ones~

Next stuff I got was my Usa-chan and L plushies :3 L was the first thing I bought anime wise. I was so happy when I saw him, I wanted a small plushie and L is one of my favorite anime characters of all time. I like how weird/smart he is so I decided to get him. He was also very inexpensive so I was super happy. I got Usa-chan at a different booth. I was soo happy when I got Usa-chan also because I had been looking for him online seeing if I wanted to get him. I was looking around for a good size and one of the booths had an Usa-chan but he was HUGE. I didn't want too big of an Usa-chan so when I thought all hope was lost, I saw this one. The booth was hidden, but they had the best stuff anime wise for me. 

At the same booth I got Usa-chan, I also got an Ouran High School Host Club notebook because it had the Hitachiin Twins on there lol. They are my favorites in Ouran<3 Them, and Kyoya but there is never Kyoya merchandise >:| I am probably never going to use the Notebook, but I will always keep it to look at it lol. I also got another cute Death Note keychain of L :3 I saw someone previously walking with it, she was actually an older woman with her kid. I was looking at it and thought that I wanted one, and they were selling them there! I was so happy :] So I got my L keychain. I have yet to put it on my car keys though. I already have a keychain and I don't like mixing them...I know I'm weird. 

The current keychain I have is a "New Moon" gold keychain that I got at Nordstrom. My mom gave it to me for my birthday. It's soo pretty it looks like a charm bracelet or something. It has the tattoo that the werewolves have, a little wolf on it, some little charms, and it did have a "J" on it with diamonds but it broke off (-__-) In case you are wondering, with Twilight I am "Team Jacob" I guess? I like Edward but he's too sweet for me. Jacob would be my type of guy. But that's a whole other story, the point is that it was really nice! It still is nice but it is falling apart and the gold is becoming copper lol. So once it gets really ugly I will switch it with L :3

My older sister got a Kaname plushie from Vampire Knight, which I think she loved a bit too much lol. I wanted to get my younger sister a Vash the Stampede plushie. She watches anime, but not too often. She mostly likes the ones we grew up with like Trigun, Sailor Moon, Full Metal Alchemist, and Tenchi. There is more but yeah. But even out of these, I think the only one she would care for merchandise of is Trigun and Tenchi. More Sasami than Tenchi though, that was her favorite. But yeah, they had not Vash plushie :[ They said they had one at Anime Expo but we weren't planning on going there lol, we were not going to spend more money. But the guys were nice about it and apologized. He even gave us a discount on the Kaname plushie for not having it.

We looked around, they had lots of cool manga on sale. But the ones I would actually spend money on they didn't have. I don't think it was their fault though, I think it's because they aren't even translated in English yet and I just read the ones translated by fans lol. So I didn't hold them accountable for it. We got a Fushigi Yuugi artbook though :3 I think my sister did, I am very cheap with my money. Lol, so overall the shopping was fun I didn't get much though. The clothes were way too expensive and I can't pull of lolita. 

Kanon x Kanon Autograph Session
So after we were done shopping we chilled a bit because there was still a while till the autograph session. After a while we went in line to wait. We were one of the first ones. Not a lot of people came to the autograph session though. I thought it was kind of sad for Kanon x Kanon. I always feel bad for any GOH regardless of who they are if not a lot of people show up to their events :/ But because there was not a lot of people they ended up personalizing the things they signed. I bought a t-shirt but it was in large because they didn't have small or medium :/ It's HUGE. I thought I could cut it up though if I did decide to wear it but they signed on the parts I was planning on cutting (-__-) It sucks, but oh well. I probably wouldn't have worn it because I wouldn't want their signatures to fade.

I first gone with Kanon Wakeshima. She was so adorable :3 Her little voice, clothes, everything. She tried to talk English when she could. She was even wearing braces, her teeth were a bit spaced out but I thought it wasn't too bad and at least she was getting braces to fix them. Some guys were complaining though that she doesn't look like how she does in pictures or whatever. It's like oh well grow up, don't angry because your pipi isn't excited anymore.

Kanon from AnCafe is really attractive, but he didn't talk much. It was more of a sign and go kinda thing. I decided to stay afterwards since we had so much free time and take pictures. It was much easier to take pictures of them than it was of Sadie and Heidi, there were no gaps for them :/ But this had enough gaps to take decent pictures :] I was happy when I took a picture of Kanon smiling, he was laughing because the girl he was with was Japanese and so she probably said something funny. I heard her and her friend in line speaking Japanese to eachother, they were really cute but they seemed a bit stuck up :/

Kanon had ended up being much smaller in person as Mao did also. But it wasn't too big of a deal. Another thing with Kanon was that his teeth were a bit yellow :/ I photoshopped it to whiten them a bit, not too much but to make them decent. I didn't want to post the regular picture of him, they were REALLY yellow. I was just like "ahhh" so yeah. Doesn't burst my bubble though he's cute still. Also because I already know that Japan isn't too big with dental hygiene but they are improving now from what I hear.

You can tell how small Kanon is from this picture of him :3 So cute though lol. Well anyways, after the autograph session those who purchased a shirt were able to take picture. I thought it was a good deal since the shirt was only $40. The stuff for Heidi was way expensive and you had to spend $100 to take a picture with them (-__-) so compared to that I thought it was a good deal. Me and my older sister ended up buying a shirt to take a picture. I took a picture but didn't like how it came out :/ The lighting was really harsh and I feel like I looked fugly. My older sister didn't mind her photo though so I will post her photo below.

I felt that, because they used those type of chairs it was awkward. They should've used a bench or something lol. But it was still cool to get a picture. It was suppose to be only one but because the people used my camera and I guess they help the button down for a while we ended up getting multiple. My older sister got 2 and I got like 4 or 5. They all came out crappy though because it was us in the same pose just waiting for the picture to be taken lol. Well mine were bad for me. 

After the pictures everyone who purchased something got a raffle ticket to be able to win a free poster of Kanon Wakeshima that she just signed. There was other stuff but I wasn't sure. I gave my older sister my raffle ticket and told her to see if we win anything because I was going to go upstairs to line up for the SCANDAL panel and before I asked her to go leave to the Heidi panel so I thought we would switch. I hurried upstairs to see that the line was LONG. It was REALLY long to the point it went outside! I was like crap...because I wondered how were they going to fit all these people in the SCANDAL panel? And how will they get to sign everyone's thing? Regardless I waited.

My older sister called me asking me where I was and I told her. She was exclaiming that she won a Kanon Wakeshima poster. I thought that was so cool :D but then I realized she said "I". Turns out she decided to keep the poster for herself. I wouldn't have really mined but she didn't even take my feelings into consideration. And also, she didn't even know if it was her raffle ticket for sure. I told her to take care of mine and to put mine in there to see if "we" win anything but she just used both of our tickets and took the prize for herself...this really bothered me because she didn't really know who Kanon Wakeshima was. I had to tell her it was the person who sang the songs for Vampire Knight for her to figure it out. And she doesn't even know who Kanon was from AnCafe. So I was a bit bitter that she kept the poster without saying anything about me. I even asked her if she knew which ticket did they call and she was just like "Oh...I don't know" and brushed it off and kept talking about how awesome it was she won the poster. I don't really care now, but at the time it upset me but I just didn't say anything she seemed so happy.

In line for SCANDAL Panel
So we waited in line for the SCANDAL panel for 20 minutes when I decided we should leave. The line was really long and I thought they were going to do the same thing with Sadie where after a while they will have to stop the sutographs and just get a handshake. So we left to just relax and eat, when we were about to walk out we saw SCANDAL coming out of their van! :D I was able to snap some shots.

I was debating to take pictures or not but I was like ahh well this is going to be the only time I'll see them so I took them. I wasn't able to get good shots though :/ The one above was the best shot and it didn't even have my favorite band member Rina (T-T)

This picture would have been really good if that stupid AM2 staff member didn't get in the way >:[ I was soo angryy when he/she I don't know jumped in front of Rina. I just thought "Really? REALLY!?" The no smoking sign on the window also kinda ruined the picture but I think the AM2 staff ruined it more lol. They walked right by us, my older sister told me to ask to get their picture but they were surrounded by staff and security people and where on their way to the panel I think it just wasn't the right time.

Turns out though, they let everyone get a signature, but they had to purchase SCANDAL merchandise. I still thought it was cool though, I was kinda upset that I left the line but thought oh well, the concert is still there and I wanted to get good seats.

Me and my sister were one of the first people in like for the SCANDAL concert. I think we had to wait 4 hours though. But we ended up getting good seats, which was good because there was A LOT of people. The concert was really fun, again no video no pictures, but I really enjoyed myself. I think I had the second amount of most fun at their concert. They were really energetic and really cute! They also talked to the audience a lot and interacted with them. After they were done they left the stage and people were calling "encore" and a while they came back out to do an encore. I was so happy they did. Many people called for an encore with Sadie but they didn't do one lol. I don't blame them though, they must have been really tired and their show was AMAZING. But anyways SCANDAL came back for an encore and I think they did 3 more songs? Which was so sweet of them. You could tell they were tired but I was glad that they pushed through for their fans~

I had lots of fun at the concert, and even though I didn't get an autograph from them the concert made up for it.

End of AM2
I ended up being broke and tired lol. But I had fun overall. I would definitely do it again. I just hope next year that they are a bit more organized and they have more jrock, jpop, kpop, and dramas like they said they would. Because there was little to none. I hope they have good guests of honor next year. I am constantly checking their page. Shows how much I really am excited for it. I am not going to spend so much money though, it was the Sheraton and food that killed it lol.

So that was my AM2 experience, super long (O_o) I am going to eat and read some more of Shiena's blog until it is time to study. じゃね~ 

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