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AM² Con 2011: Day 2 Sadie, Kanon, Disneyland

SADIE Autograph Session 2
Alrighty, onto the second day. I came super early on the second day so I could go to the second autograph session of Sadie. I didn't care if I had gone to the first one already I got their CD to sign that too. This time there was more people at this one. My older sister had left to go wait in line for the Heidi, Gashicon, and Sixh panel. We didn't want to make the same mistake with Sadie and have to get seats in the side. She didn't mind leaving since she isn't a fan.

So I was waiting in line and it sucked because not everyone was able to get their stuff signed. The girl after me was the last person to be able to get her things signed, everyone else had to settle for a handshake. I was in shock and happy that I was one of the last people to get their autograph, the girl behind me was happy too. She just made it.

So it my turn to go up, Kei smiled and signed my CD. He had finished signing my CD when were just there awkwardly because the line wasn't moving for some reason. I didn't mind, but still it was awkward because I didn't know what to say. I just smiled and he smiled back. He told me he liked my hair color. I thanked him, I was so happy. At the time my hair was like a black cherry red color.  I told him I liked his hair color also. He laughed and asked "both of them?" since he has two colors in his hair. I nodded and and said yes. He just laughed again and said thank you.

Next was Tsurugi again. I didn't expect him to recognize me, but he did right away. I was super happy, he was like "Oh, it's the pretty girl again. Nice to see you." (;__;)  He is such a flirt lol. I told him hello and smiled as I handed him the CD he signed it and handed back. He told me again that I was pretty, this time I had the courage to tell him he was very cute too. But I was dumb and said "handsome" since I was so nervous, I wanted to tell him that he was かっこいい (kakkoii) which I know is the term to tell guys when they are attractive but I didn't want to sound dumb. I ended up sounding dumb anyways by calling him handsome, who says handsome??? Lol, well his translator was there and I heard her tell him "blah blah blah かっこいいですね". He shook his head and laughed and was like "no, no" and said that he wasn't cute. I told him he was and he laughed and said "just a little" I kept shaking my head lol. He was so adorble.

Nothing much happened with Mao, besides him asking if I went to the live. I told him yes, and he was happy about it. He also said that he was going to come back to America. Then I went to Aki and Mizuki which once again nothing much happened. But regardless was still cool.

I stayed afterwards a bit to take pictures of them since this was going to be the last time I would see them but they were all covered by people except for Mizuki, so I managed to take two shots of him lol.

Heidi, Gashicon, Sixh. Panel
So after I finished with Sadie I went upstairs to join my older sister, I didn't want to have her by herself for too long. They had also already let the people inside so she saved me a seat. I was really happy with the seats we got, it was close to the front and in the center. Much better than Sadie. There was also not a lot of people at the panel which made me feel bad for the GOH, I didn't want them to think that they weren't important popular. I know it sounds lame but yeah.

There was this girl that was at the Sadie autograph session that was hurrying to panel. Her friends weren't able to save her a seat, they said they could share a chair. She was next to me too, she was really cute and petite. She apologized for being close to me and I told her it was okay. I told her she would even come more in the middle and have some of my seat because we are both pretty small. I wasn't too small at that time I was around 120lbs but I always think I am at my 105 or 110 lol I am so used to being underweight. But still she fitted, and I didn't mind. She was also apparently pretty fluent in Japanese. I was so envious lol. Tsurugi also thought she was cute, which I didn't blame him lol.

The panel started and Sixh and Gashicon were the first to come out. I took pictures of Gashicon but she turned out weird in them...I don't know all her faces were just awkward so I ended up deleting them.

But anways, the designers came out first and then Heidi walked in after. It was cool to see them all interacting together. I don't remember much of what was going on at the panel either. I swear my memory is shot. But I do remember them asking their favorite Disney characters. I don't remember who said who but I remember two of them said they liked Stitch, one said Pooh, and I don't remember the rest lol.

Mint would constantly be teasing Ibi, it was really cute lol. I also remember them also asking why they got into designing, don't really remember their responses but I remember Mint joking around saying to meet girls.

I was really proud of the Ibi pictures I took above. The quality and everything turned out amazing. I was surprised by my own skills, but very happy with them. I wished all my pictures turned out like that lol. I was annoyed though, that some of the pictures would have lines on it. I am unsure why, it happened with Sadie also. I still need to get to know my camera lol.

But the pictures above came out great, I liked them. They also asked what their favorite American dessert was that they have had so far. I don't remember their responses besides Gashicon who said "cheesecake" and said and joked that Ibi loved it even though he said he didn't like sweets. I think Kohsuke said that the American sweets are really sweet, much sweeter than Japanese sweets lol.

For some reason, I am able to retain more questions from the Heidi panel than the Sadie panel. They also asked what their favorite American rock band. I don't remember many of their responses either, besides Evanescence and Linkin Park. I think Sadie was also asked this now that I think about it.

One person even asked if they knew Alice Nine. A lot of people laughed at this question. I thought it was a random question. Many people thought that too, or thought it was dumb, or rude. I can see the rude thing, like why are you asking a band about another band? Especially since it's about a well known band. They said, none of them ever really met Alice Nine because they are much bigger. Kiri said he had met one of the members once, don't remember which one but yeah. 

The next question was what type of girl they like. I think this was only directed towards Heidi. I remember Yoshihko said he likes girls with "animal like features" we were a bit confused by this answer but then it went on to Nao.

Nao said he usually liked traditional Japanese girls, black hair, light skin and what not. The audienced "awed" at this and he said, "but after coming to America I come to like different types also" the audience "yayed" at this lol. I felt like he was just saying that to compensate lol.

It went to Kohsuke and he asked us if we were familiar with the style Gyaru and then said that that's his type. To be honest I don't remember Kiri's answer for some reason. 

But the panel was fun, the people had cool questions. I wish I remembered Sadie's panel more. But anyways, Kohsuke was cool he was very charismatic and Kiri also seemed very nice and cute. I didn't take pictures of Nao because he didn't turn out good in any of them. I think it was his hair it just threw me off, but overall it was fun.

Heidi, Sixh, and Gashicon Autograph Session
So after the panel I'm pretty sure, we went to go to the autograph session. They were cool enough to sign anything, on Sadie's we got merchandise signed. So I just got a drawing board or whatever you call it for them to sign. I bought one for my sister and one for me. I remember my friend Judy telling me that sometimes they even draw on it.

First it was Heidi, it was from Kiri to Kohsuke to Nao to Yoshihiko. To be honest nothing really happened with Heidi. They were polite and nice, but they didn't really try to talk or anything. I saw that Kohsuke had a necklace that was in the anime/manga "NANA" it was the necklace Ren wore. I think it's also from Sid and Nancy. I told him I liked his necklace and he said thank you. So the Heidi autograph sessrion was kind of boring to be honest.

I went to Gashicon and she drew on the board and signed and well as Mint where he signed and put "We Love Cheesecake" in a heart lol. Then Ibi also signed it. It's cool to get all their signatures but the fun factor factor was not really there. But afterwards me and my sister went to see the Kanon x Kanon concert.

Kanon Wakeshima/Kanon x Kanon Concert
Another concert~ This concert was cool. It first started with Kanon Wakeshima singing her songs with her cello. She played her well known songs that were the ending songs in Vampire Knight, "Still Doll" and "Suna no Oshiro" she sang other songs which sounded amazing as well but these two are the ones I know her most by because of Vampire Knight. That was actually how I discovered her :] She was very cute. And I enjoyed her performance. 

Afterwards while she was done performing as Kanon Wakeshima she left to change into her Kanon x Kanon outfit. This was a bit different, while we were waiting they played a video of how to do this dance for one of their songs.

It was an alien dancing to it and teaching us when after I saw Kanon from AnCafe doing the dance I had a feeling it was him lol. But anyways that took forever and the video was quite boring. But once Kanon x Kanon came out it was fun.

They performed a couple songs and threw lots of stuff for the audience. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good seat because of the Heidi panel but it was still cool. They even did a cover of the Sailor Moon theme song.

Kanon from AnCafe came out dressed as Tuxedo mask and threw roses to the audience. I liked the concert a lot but I felt like the audience wasn't as much fun at this concert.

So after the concert my sister and I had time to spare, and we were staying at the Sheraton hotel today because of how early the Heidi autograph signing was going to be. Freakin Sheraton, it made me broke. I spent like $200+ on a room.

I was REALLY angry though because that night I got NO sleep because some idiot next door was rapping really loud in some weird language and making a clicking sound with his mouth. He was REALLY loud. Thinking about it makes me angry lol. I was pissed though, I did not pay $200+ to be woken up by some idiot. We complained twice and he kept making noise. I think he stopped the 3rd time. But still, it was horrible.

I had my own bed though? lol I think it wouldn't be bad to spend a night with friends at the Sheraton you could probably fit 3 in each bed and it cost the same amount to have two beds or one. 

Anyways, since today was our short day we went to Disneyland for the rest of the night. It was super nice, after all Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth.

Ooh I was also able to go on the new "Star Tours" it was really cool. Also, we saw some nice fireworks and rode on the other rides we liked like Indiana Jones, log ride, Space Mountain, and some more. 

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