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AM² Con 2011: Day 1 Sadie [Part 1]

I am extremely bored. I should be studying, but I wanted to take a break because after a while my brain refused to retain anything. So I decided to post about my experience at AM2 :] I love to reminisce about it and it was really important to me so I definitely want this on my blog. Wanted to post this sooner rather than later because then I will forget stuff.

So AM2 Con was the first convention I ever went to. I went more for the GOH than anything else, as much as I like anime I wouldn't spend money on a convention for it. However, I would spend money for certain j-rock bands lol. So the whole reason why I went to AM2 was because of Sadie, Heidi, and SCANDAL. I also like Kanon Wakeshima and Kanon from AnCafe but the bands I listed first where my main priority.

Arriving at AM2/Waiting in Line
Okay so the first day at AM2, I went and got my passport with my older sister, we were going to be there for all 3 days. We didn't get a chance to go to the Opening Ceremony because of where we live it's about 45 mins to get to Anaheim and my older sister didn't want to wake up too early so we decided we could just skip it. Although I wish we didn't because everyone was there. But I am not too sad about it since I saw a video on YouTube of the ceremony. But we ended up going in line for the Sadie panel after we got our passports. I wanted to line up a couple hours earlier but my older sister thought I was crazy to want to do that so we just went an hour before. The line was already somewhat long by then :/ It wasn't too bad though so then the waiting began.

While we were in line there was this girl dressed up really cute she also acted really cute, very quiet and shy. I think she was making that her image though because even with friends she was like that, so I don't know but nevertheless it was cute lol. I asked if I could take her picture, I was very reluctant at first because I am shy with people and I felt weird asking to take her picture, but after seeing a couple people ask I decided to take one and she nodded her head very politely and let me take one.

She was also with friends that were dressed in Lolita like clothes well, I don't know if they were her friends to be honest sometimes she would be by herself  but anywho the people with her were also dressed up. The clothes they were wearing was really cute so I also asked for their picture as well. I am kind of envious on how they could pull off the fashion. I know if I were to ever dress like that I'd look like a mess lol. I love to see the different looks though, that's another reason why I liked the con, was all the people dressed up in Lolita or some other type of Japanese fashion. Though it was not a lot it was still cool to see since it was my first time seeing it in person. Anyways after waiting for some time we finally ended up going into the Sadie panel.

We got pretty good seats but it was off to the side so I didn't really like it :/ I wish we would have gone earlier like I planned. I don't think my older sister understands how intense j-rock fans can be about their bands lol. But anyways, still we were there, again waiting this time for Sadie to come. It was super exciting. I would go into detail with the panel but I don't remember much that was being talked of to be honest. I remember Sadie saying their favorite words in English though. All being sexual things that girls were fangirling over, including myself. They answered a couple questions from the fans also. I was on the side closer to Mizuki, he was the most talkative of them all. He was pretty adorable.

He seemed to be not nervous at all but later on reading what he posted he said he was really nervous and kept talking a lot because all he could think about was the boobs he saw LOL. He was just so cute. I'll quote what one of my friends wrote on her tumblr:
People kept calling out Mizuki’s name during the panel and he just had to interrupt the whole thing to answer everyone going “Hai?! *stares in direction of the voice*” lmfaoooo omg he was way too cute. ; A; 

Mizuki was definitely the most entertaining for me, he made me laugh a lot. Well going on with the other members, next Aki and then Mao. They both looked super amazing in person as they do in their pictures. For some reason they were the most photogenic on my camera lol. 

Aki was definitely the one who talked the least and did not show any emotion. It was rare, from what I could remember. My older sister who doesn't know much of Sadie thought that it was hot and thought it made him  more "mysterious" and made her want to get to know him more. For me it was more of the opposite. I didn't think negatively of Aki but I just got bored with someone not talking. Mizuki and Tsurugi were the most entertaining for me.

I actually took a picture of Aki smiling which is the one above. Many people were trying to get him to smile lol, I think Aki drew more attention than he wanted because he was so emotionless lol.

When we got to the fan questions someone asked for a hug. This was something big for a lot of the people. They told her she couldn't get a hug from everyone and they had to pick so she chose Aki. It was a very awkward situation in my opinion. I just felt awkward watching her hug him lol. Many people were clapping and cheering and there were many people who were angry saying it was disrespectful to ask for a hug since the Japanese aren't too keen with that kind of stuff and respect space more. So yeah, I don't know I just thought it was awkward, not going to say anything else lol.

Moving on, Mao was very energetic when coming in. It was really adorable how much he liked attention lol. Him wanting to cheer for him and the band was something he got enthusiastic about, he even did this at the opening ceremony from what I saw. 

Next was Tsurugi and Kei. I was the furthest away from them so I took less pictures of them. It was always at an awkward angle where Tsurugi's face wouldn't really show because his head was turned or because the mic would cover it. Same with Kei, most of the time the mic would cover most of his face. Thank goodness my camera has a extra zoom, that's the whole reason why I got it. For situations like these, so even if I don't get a good spot at whatever event I am at, I will be able to zoom and get a decent shot at least :3 Recording and photo wise :]

Anways, Tsurugi was so cute because he kept trying to use English. He was saying how he was a "crazy shy boy" It was really adorable. That's just what I mostly have to say about Tsurugi and Kei. They were just pretty adorable.

I really loved Kei's smile and I was happy that I was able to capture it. Well anways, I always get off topic and just talk about how much I like them but the panel overall was fun! I wish it was longer but I was happy to have been there to experience it. They also announced the Autograph sessions which was awesome because Sadie had two autograph sessions.

SADIE Autograph Session 1
The first Sadie autograph session was great. I went up really nervous and had bought a photoset for them to sign. The first person was Kei. I was really nervous but he was really polite and smiled at me and what not. I don't remember much after that lol. 

Then I went to Tsurugi, I remember his super well because I was so shocked and happy haha. Tsurugi saw me and was like "oh you're a very pretty girl" I froze and seriously looked around and when I realized he was talking to me I was just like "Omg thank you!" I wanted to tell him that he was really cute but I wasn't able to puck up the courage. He signed the photo and gave it back to me. He then looked at me again while handing back the photo and told me I was pretty again and that he liked my eyes/makeup. I would have never thought that he would think I am attractive in anyway but was really happy that he did lol. Who wouldn't be happy if their bias thought good things about you? But anyways I was happy. In general, Tsurugi was complimenting a lot of girls and was a bit of a flirt lol. 

After that was Mao, we shook hands and he signed his photo. He asked if I was going to the live later on and I told him of course. He was happy to hear that, he then grabbed my hands and told me to promise to go to the live, seriously also a flirt lol. We were holding hands for a while which he did that with other people too.

 Then went to Aki, I don't really remember much with his either on the first day. I mostly remember the 2nd autograph session with him but yeah, then we went to Mizuki and it was pretty quick with him and Aki. I was more nervous with them for some reason. But Mizuki was so friendly, and said bye to me like 3 times. I felt really derp at that time with him. But overall it was fun!

I wanted to talk about my whole day but realized it is much too much for a post. I still have the Sixh fashion show, Heidi concert, and Sadie concert. I took a bunch of pictures at the fashion show so I don't want to spam this post with two many photos. So I am going to talk about the rest of my day either later on tonight after I am done studying or tomorrow before I study. Makes me happy to reminisce. Lol, well off to study for my midterm again.

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