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AM² Con 2011: Day 1 Sadie, Fashion, Heidi [Part 2]

So, I didn't study as much as I planned to but I am happy I studied at all lol. Which is kinda sad...but I'm trying to look on the bright side nowadays. I was able to do my homework during Vampire Diaries commercials so I was happy. Vampire Diaries was also really good tonight.

Anyways, time to finish the rest of my AM2 experience. This is going to be a long post as well, lots of info. I should have made a blog like this a while ago that way it would have been fresh in my mind and I wouldn't be spamming my blog with past memories. Oh well~

Japanese Fashion: Hangry & Angry/Sixh. Fashion Show
So after the Sadie autograph signing I hurried with my older sister to the fashion show because the Heidi concert was bunched with it. I wanted to see the fashion show too, I thought it would be cool but my main interest was Heidi.

Me and my older sister asked one of the staff if the Heidi concert was going to have separate seating from the fashion show. He said it was but I asked him if he was sure because I didn't want to miss Heidi he went to go ask another person who knew more. Turns out that the line for the fashion show was also for the Heidi concert.

See, imagine if I didn't push we would have missed the concert. That was one of the things I didn't like about the AM2 staff was that they were not organized. I don't blame them since they were volunteers and the convention is still new but it was still a bit annoying.

So again, back to waiting. We got decent seats for the fashion show and concert as well. I was kinda bummed though because I wanted to go to the Kanon x Kanon panel but because I wanted a good seat for the Heidi concert I decided to miss out on it.

AM2's scheduling was pretty bad, that really bothered me about it. But it's a new convention,  so again, give it the benefit of the doubt. Well it was a good seat for the concert, not so much for the fashion show though. To be honest, I didn't take pictures of the fashion show really...I only took pictures when Sixh. and Heidi came out. I also took a couple of some guys because I liked the style they had (which was Sixh.'s clothes) and liked their clothes/hair was unique and what not. I did try to take some other pictures of people but they would walk too fast so it would blur. There was some cool girl styles too.

Those were the two pics I managed to take of the models. They walked so fast! Like I said before. There were other pics but they were blurry. It wasn't only the models though, it was also Ibi and Mint. They just walked fast for the fashion show and didn't really pause for a good amount of time. I was only able to take two pics of Ibi during the actual fashion show and not even one of Mint.

Needless to say, I think the pictures of Ibi are pretty badass lol. Once again, I thank God for my lovely camera with zoom. If it didn't have it's zoom I wouldn't be able to take these decent pictures. Because they aren't good, I'm no photographer lol. 

But anyways, so during the Sixh. fashion show Heidi ended up participating in it as well. It took a while for fans to recognize them though lol. I don't know why but it always happens with jrock fans. 

Anyways they participated in the fashion show as well and afterwards Sixh. was there talking about the fashion, well more Ibi because Mint was on the other side. But Ibi was talking about the fashion and his designs and stuff. 

Really, even though I don't really understand what any of them are saying I like hearing them talk in Japanese. I love the Japanese language, the way it sounds. Afterwards, Yoshihiko talked about how him and the band members were very grateful for joining the fashion show and stuff. 

I was happy to get a chance to take pictures of Heidi while their were in their clothes to perform. That was one thing that I wish I could have done with Sadie but they don't allow pictures during the concerts. We weren't allowed to take video/pictures during any of the concerts. So it was cool to take a bunch of pictures during the fashion show while they were talking lol.

Heidi Concert
The Heidi concert was awesome. They played all my favorite songs from Heidi, the two main ones Loop and Yokan. Those were the two songs that made me discover Heidi, the were the ending songs for Kaichou wa Maid-sama. There was other songs I liked but I didn't know their names, for sure Remu they played. I recognized it because I play it so much on my ipod.

It was kinda awkward though, on one song there is a part where the audience has to sing along or whatever and since not many of us know Japanese, so people just murmured when it was our turn to sing lol. It was awkward yet funny. But overall, it was a lot of fun. My older sister ended up enjoying it. She also recognized a couple songs because of the times when she is in my car and I would have a CD with them.

It sucked that we had to sit during the concert though. Why? Good question. When Heidi started playing the guests rushed to the stage, as soon as this happened the staff members told everyone to go back to their seats. So all the people who rushed had to go back to their seats. But it didn't even stop at that, they made everyone sit down! It was so lame, we were confused on why, but we sat down and enjoyed the concert sitting down. It was so lame, but regardless the concert was awesome and I kept kicking my feet and moving my legs lol. 

At the end of the concert Kohsuke threw some little Heidi mascots I think they were at the audience. I wanted one but didn't get one. Kiri also threw his drumsticks! The center audience got most of the attention. It was still awesome he threw them to the audience though lol. They promised they would come back to America another time. That was my first Japanese concert.

Sadie Meet and Greet/Waiting for Sadie Concert
So after the Heidi concert me and my sister wanted to hurry up and go to the Sadie meet and greet. It was packed though :/ The line was HUGE, I repeat HUGE. I was kinda bummed but waited in line anyways. 

The bad thing about the Meet and Greet was that is was so close to the concert! So we had to choose meet and greet or good seats for concert? I really wanted to get a personal meet and greet with them so I decided to wait. But eventually the people told us that the meet and greet was over and we had to leave. I was sooo upset. Mostly because I thought "Greattt, now I am not going to get good seats" we went back down, a bunch of people did actually. People were running down the escalators and stuff but the line was LONG. 

There was a lot of waiting! Which is normal, but very boring. Since it was my first convention I was unaware of the amount of waiting so I was definitely unprepared. No ipod, no book, no nothing. 

To top it off, girls that were by us the line were really annoying. There were some girls that were REALLY superficial and rude. They were talking very loudly about girls that were dressed in really cute costumes but how ugly the girls were. It bothered me a lot, like they were practically yelling it. I hate it when people talk crap about a person's looks. Like I guess it's normal, people do that all the time, but to straight up have a conversation about how ugly a person is? Wow. The girl wasn't even pretty either, so she is one to talk! Then there were other girls who were super annoying with them just being weird and loud, I don't remember what they were saying to be honest, but I just remembering wanting to shoot myself.

While waiting in line a staff member was asking for people with "VIP" bracelets. The people with VIP bracelets apparently got priority, left the line so they can be at the front of the line. I didn't know about the VIP bracelets! I was seriously pissed that people were going ahead with these VIP bracelets because I heard nothing about them and I researched about the ticket process.

 So, I went to one of the staff members and asked about them, they said that it's $20 or something and that it gives you priority to enter the concert first. I went back to my older sister and told her that I was going to buy us some VIP bracelets, or see if they were still selling them. Heck, $20 for priority in line, I'd pay it! 

We went to the guy who had originally been pulling VIPs out of line and he took us to the front. It was crazy the amount of people we passed. I felt kinda bad too...but I was just happy that I was going to get a good seat. There were actually not a lot of people with VIP bracelets which was surprising, but I guess it was better, less people in line. 

We actually found out the next day that VIP bracelets were suppose to be equal to having a passport and they weren't suppose to have priority. The staff members totally mixed up the information. Which sucked for them, but actually benefited those with VIP bracelets lol.

Sadie Concert
When the actual concert started and it was so freakin' awesome! I had a lot of fun, and they played a lot of good songs. It was just amazing. One thing that was a plus/minus was that we were RIGHT by the speakers. I liked it because it was loud, but a bit too loud for my poor ears. The right side of my ear was vibrating. But hey, I didn't care because if my ear was going to burst at least it would be due to good music, Sadie. Lol, seriously though. 

I turned to my older sister who was definitely NOT happy with us being by the speakers. I saw her plugging her ears majority of the time. I looked at her like she was crazy, she was basically missing the point of the concert. At least that's what I thought. But anyways the concert was awesome, lots of head banging and just enjoying the music in general. I was right in front of Tsurugi so that made me more happy.

I really loved Sadie, the gave off so much energy and I seriously felt consumed in the music as cheesy as it sounds. At that time I have only gone to 2 concerts, JYJ which is a kpop group and the Heidi one before that. Even though those too aren't much I still count them as a concert, Sadie blew them out of the water. 

I just really loved the feeling that Sadie's concert gave me. It was really awesome because at one point Tsurugi even jumped off the stage, he was right in front of the first row and played his guitar as he walked past the audience. That was probably my favorite part. 

Mao also kept walking up and down the runway stage. He actually had a really good body. He also threw his water bottle. I was no where near the range he threw it though lol. I think he also threw his towel? I am not sure. But it was just over all an awesome experience, so much energy and everything.

One bad thing about the concert was this girl next to me. She was in a Pikachu costume and smelled like B.O. I was soo pissed. She was also one of the girls who asked me to move. I also didn't like her because earlier while we were waiting I told her I really liked her little Hangry & Angry cat she got and she just kinda brushed my comment off with a thanks without even looking at me. So yeah, already bad encounter.

But anyways, not only did she smell like B.O. but she kept pushing me off more towards the side. We had to stay at our seats this time we were able to stand because the announcer guy actually told us not to rush to the stage or we would sit down. I wish he would told the audience that for Heidi. 

Anyways, point is we had to stay at our seats but we could  head band and what not. I couldn't really head bang so much or move around because she kept going in front of me and where my seat was. I'm like fool you have so much space to your left and that's closer to the stage so go that way!! But nope, she just had to go in front of me. I couple of times I hit her arm because she was getting too close. There were times when I thought the back of her head was going to hit my face! It luckily didn't but it was still annoying. If it wasn't for her the concert would have been PERFECT. But I still had fun, even if she was a pain in the ass.

After the concert, my right ear had a huge ringing. Both of them did actually, but my right was really bad. Everything was muffled sounding but it was totally worth it lol. I had so much fun. My right ear didn't stop ringing till 3 days after the concert I think. Even after the SCANDAL and Kanon Wakeshima/Kanon x Kanon concert, Sadie was still the best concert :]

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