Saturday, October 29, 2011

Throwback: First Time at the Griffith Observatory

So while doing my Earth Science homework I came across the paper that required us to do a field trip for the class. It's actually two, one to the Griffith Observatory and the other to the La Brea Tar Pits. I haven't been to the Tar Pits before, but I have been to the Griffith Observatory. Last time I went I took pictures, so I thought I'd share them :]

So this is the Griffith Observatory, it is beautiful. I absolutely loved it, I didn't know much about it until a guy I was talking to took me here. He knew I was into astronomy and that I got this new camera at the time so he decided that this place was the best to try my camera out. When I first got my camera I was interested in photography but I know squat about it and I don't go out much so

There was actually an amazing view of the city, I loved how the lights were so small. But yeah, this place is also pretty close to the Hollywood sign where you can get a good view of it :] There is actually a crazy history behind Griffith Park. It goes back to it's original owners who were Spanish. I won't get into detail but basically this Spanish women fell in love with a white man and he married her so he could get her land by trying to kill her afterwards. He failed in killing her but ending up succeeding in keeping the land. I don't remember the details of it but it was so crazy :o and very interesting, I suggest you guys check it out :]

Anyways, inside the observatory there is a lot of things to do. I didn't really take a lot of pictures because this was the time when I didn't know much a bout my camera and the settings it was set on was hard to take a decent picutre without it coming our blurry D: There was this really cool part where they had these scales that showed you your weight on each planet :D

And let me tell you, the night view was AMAZING. The city lights looked gorgeous, honestly these pictures do not due it justice. Not to mention my crappy photography skills don't help, lol. But it was honestly amazing. You can also see the smog though :/ Well you can't have LA without the smog right? Lol. Some of it was also fog though, I

Overall, the Griffith Observatory was an amazing experience and I was so happy that I was able to go. I am actually looking forward to go for my field trip for class. I am not too excited about the La Brea Tar Pits though, but I think because you have to pay to get into it and I know nothing about it so it makes it much less appealing than the Griffith Observatory. I am going to be going with my sisters this time, I want them to see this stuff too, they aren't too big on astronomy but it's still has cool stuff. I will probably take more pictures of things inside and what there is to do the next time I go :]

Majority of my posts lately have been reminiscing rather than stuff that has been going on lately, but since there is nothing that is going on this is all I got so far lol. And I want to put these memories somewhere :] I hope I will have more time to do stuff once this semester is over. Which isn't till December 16 (T-T) I am seriously counting the days. I am lucky I haven't slit my wrists because of this statistics class. They call it sadistics for a reason (-____-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Birthday Soon &Birthday Throwback

My birthday is coming up soon, kinda not really lol. It's not till the end of November. I have no idea what I am going to do, me and Jana were planning to go to the kpop concert but we all ready know what happened with that. Because that has gone down the drain, probably going to do the usual which is go out and eat with my family meaning: mom, dad, sisters. Or just my sisters. Last year it was just my sisters and we went to Irvine<3 Many people don't like Irvine because it's so safe and boring from what I've heard, but trust once you have lived in the Inland Empire your whole life you tend to think anything is better than this. 

Well anyways, last year was nice in the sense that we just went to Irvine, ate at my favorite restaurant, Cha for Tea, which is a Chinese food restaurant. It's not authentic but it's also not really fast food. It's a bit of a in between.

Let me tell you though, taste MUCH better than Panda Express. I like Panda Express and everything but it doesn't really taste like real Chinese food. My friend Jana's mom has cooked for me so yes I know what homemade Chinese food taste like. It is delicious. W

ell anyways, it also has bubble tea :D The first time I ever tried bubble tea was actually here and Cha, my older sister took me here when we first visited Irvine a while back and told me I had to try the bubble tea. I remember when I first tried it I wasn't sure if I liked it, but the second time I tried it I loved it. And I have been in a relationship with bubble tea ever since<3 lol.

After Cha, we then went to UCI to look at the campus for fun. Pretty lame right? Most people would be thinking I'm crazy for going to visit a university for my birthday. But, I am in love with UCI's campus. It is just so pretty and green, that's a big reason why I decided I wanted to go there because I always envisioned a campus to look like UCI's :] So for me it was really something I was looking forward to.


We ended up taking some pictures by places that I liked best at UCI, this one was taken to show how big the trees were. At UCI they have this park in the middle of the campus which is really nice and has HUGE trees, and when I say huge I mean huge, the roots are up from the ground and it is just enormously beautiful. I took pictures of those on my phone but that was the phone I lost and for some reason I didn't send it to my email so I don't have those pics anymore :[

My little sister was really having fun being all random lol, but she cracks me up. The picture above is a picture of the park. It is so pretty, I honestly love it. And the picture between is a picture of these statues of famous Asian scholars or something? I am not too sure, my older sister told me at the time but I can't remember. This is when you are leaving the park and going under a bridge which is the picture I first posted at the beginning of the entry.

 After UCI we ended up going to Balboa Pier (I love how everything in Orange County is so close) and that is where we just walked around on the pier and I took pictures of the beach when the sun was setting, but I didn't really like too many.

We walked to this section of the pier where there is like a little carnival looking place I guess you can say? It had a small arcade, ferris wheel, some games, stand, etc. I should have taken more pictures but oh well. (Sorry for the pixelated pictures these were all taken on my old camera phone) 

Once it was starting to get dark we decided to go to the Irvine Spectrum :] I love the Irvine Spectrum, it is such a pretty mall with a ferris wheel and a merry go round. So not only is it nice to go shopping, but it is also nice just to hang out. It has the two stores I'll ever need which is H&M and Forever21 so I'm pretty much set when I go here. 

And also a cool thing about it, is during the winter they bring an ice skating rink so people can go ice skating :]  I didn't want to go because it involved money which we already spent for the gas and the food and because I didn't feel like paying money to make myself look like an idiot in front on people. I have never gone ice skating before, I will end up doing it one of these days though. Probably in a bigger rink so if I fall I won't crash into people lol.

Wow, this was basically just a post of the past but it was nice to reminisce. It has me thinking of what I can really do for my birthday now. Well off to eat and then do homework. Stats my dears, do not take. It really does consume your life. I'm not even going to get into the other stuff I need to do. That's on my previous post already. じゃね~

Saturday, October 15, 2011

JYJ Concert @ LA Nokia Theatre

The JYJ Concert, back in May :] It was such a fun concert, but I think I took too much video rather than actually being there and listening to the concert. I didn't even end up uploading all the videos onto my YouTube because I was too lazy but you can find the video of it here if you are interested. I was also a bit annoyed with my camera because it was fairly new at this time and I still didn't really know how to use it besides taking pictures and recording video and you had to be VERY steady for the picture not to come out blurry especially when you zoomed in a lot. I didn't check out the other settings or nothing so a lot of pictures ended up being blurry, but there were some pretty good ones :]

Here is a picture of the stage, while me and Jana were waiting for the concert to start. One thing I didn't like about it was that they didn't start on time. I was surprised, I think it was like 20 minutes later or something like that maybe a little less or more, I don't remember but apparently it's super expensive if you go over the time on Nokia Theatre so it was a bit weird that they didn't start on time.

So they started out with a video introducing JYJ, it was cool because it showed different video shoots of them if you see in the picture above and then it introduced the members and saying how this was their first worldwide concert as JYJ. I always get so excited when I participate in bands/groups "first" anything lol.

They had amazing lighting in the show that definitely went with each performance they did. It was a bunch of fun. A blurry picture of them (-___-) But they looked great.

Jaejoong looked amazing<3 I'll admit I do have a bit of a bias when it goes to him, he is my favorite member of the group so I took a bunch of pictures of just him lol.

My favorite song that they performed would have to be "Be My Girl" the regular version and the remix version, they ended it with the remix version and it was just so fun and a great way to end it. I also really liked "Found You" that one is in Korean, I was glad they actually performed Korean songs as well because Jin Akanishi just sticks to his English songs and doesn't like to mix them together which kind of sucks in my opinion because I love his Japanese songs.

I love my camera's zoom. You can see how well it zooms by the pictures, the the bottom one was also a bit zoomed in I think? I am not sure but you get an idea of how far we were and how close my camera goes in so yes, I was very happy. I got this camera for this very reason, but of how well the video is and how well it zooms for when I am at concerts like this :] But anyways, all in all the concert was fun.

A lot of people are really sad that they broke away from DBSK but they honestly looked happy performing and doing what they want to do. Same goes with Jin Akanishi leaving KAT-TUN and Yamapi and Ryo leaving NEWS. So many break ups lol, a lot of fans get really crushed over this but they should think about the reasons why they leave and it ultimately it's their choice, and they should do whatever makes them happy :] Ok, done rambling.

Little Tokyo Adventure

So this was my little Tokyo adventure I had with my friend Jana when we went to LA for the JYJ concert back in May. I wish I would have taken more pictures but I felt like such a tourist with my camera xD It makes me feel like a professional photographer but it also draws so much attention lol. I also lack photography skills so I just feel lame in general lol. But when we went to LA we thought we might as well go to Little Tokyo and Koreatown to see the stuff they had. We first ate at a Japanese restaurant, my older sister was with us because she drove us there.

Inside they had lights with Sushi on them, I thought it was so cute that I decided to take a picture. The typical sushi rolls~ They actually had different types of Sushi on different lights.

What my meal was<3 Teriyaki chicken, salad, steamed rice with sesame seeds on it (it was heaven ;__;) and peas or string beans or whatever those are lol. It was really good and I was filled quite fast so Jana ate my peas or whatever.

My older sister what much hungrier so she got something bigger, her sushi was so good, and she ate her fish and tempura all quick I'll admit I was a bit jealous of what she got lol. And my friend Jana had sushi tempura it was a lot! It was covered in tempura but it looked really good lol.

Afterwards we went out and I just took some pictures of the place we were at and what not. I wish I would have taken pictures of things in stores but there was a bunch of stores that said no video or camera :[ So lame~

But overall, they had cool stuff. We went to this one store that had a bunch of Japanese magazines from Gal to hosts and they also had lots of movies and dramas. I saw Hana Yori Dango :D I really wanted Koizora but couldn't find it :/ There was also a lot of kpop and anime stuff at that place, ooh and mangas :] But everything was so expensive (-__-) Kinda bummed me out lol, I ended up not buying anything from there. I actually think I didn't buy anything in general actually.