Saturday, December 8, 2018

lucky twenty-seven.

Hey it's been a while. So let's do a quick recap of what's been going on! These photos are from one of my birthday outings for my 27th birthday. I was turning 27 on the 27th, so my family/friends wanted to do something nice. I went to Oak Glen, where it actually has a proper fall and enjoyed the changing of colors.

So what's been new, besides me turning 27? I decided to go to school for web development, and will be beginning in January. I am so happy with my decision. Doing the pre-work is already getting me excited for the program. 

What else? I am working a temp job as an accounting assistant. It was random, but I enjoy the company I work at, I am learning a lot, I enjoy my coworkers, and plus it's nice to have a job! I forgot how different it is to work in U.S. compared to Japan. I have pastel purple/pink hair and my bosses don't care. Tattoos? Not a problem! I can show them, and several other coworkers have tattoos as well in the office. I also forgot about "Casual Fridays" where we can wear jeans to work, but this company is even more chill where I can wear hoodies as well! Hell, you don't even have to wait until Friday to wear jeans. It's such a nice difference. 

That was part of the reason why I didn't want to stay in Japan, it was tiring to always hide myself and not look how I wanted, even if it was just a hair color or having tattoos not be a taboo.

I still have some ups and downs, but overall I am having more ups. I am doing well with the goals I set and I am looking forward to next year. Until then, I am going to make the most of this remaining year.

Oh, I also went to a lot of shows. I really need to catch you guys up! Hopefully soon. But this is the gist of it. Hope you all are doing well!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Wow, I'm a professional at abandoning this blog. In my defense, I have been going through a rough patch. These have been overall good, for the most part. It's just, some things such as career wise I'm still confused as fuck with what I'm doing. Which, it's a big deal. So with me being so unsure about my future career plans, my concerns seems to bleed into the other areas of my life making me a ball of anxiety.

Luckily, I have supportive friends and family trying to help me through it. But really, all I want to do is curl up in my bed, sleep the day away, while depressing music is playing in the background. Which, let's face it, it would probably make the situation worse.

Well, at least I'm going to see TBS and TSSF next weekend. Hope everyone is doing great, and hopefully better than I am haha. Oh, and happy August.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

swing, swing.

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

I swear it felt like I was just posting about how it just became is honestly freaking me out how quickly time is going by. I thought this just happened when you're working but even now time goes by quickly. I think the only difference is that the days start to blur.

I've recently started looking for a job, probably should've done it sooner tbh but I didn't want to. I wanted to enjoy my time with my sisters and see what it is like to live in SoCal without my parents. It makes a big difference.

So here I am, applying to jobs...everywhere. Literally, no state is off limits. Hmm...well, maybe some. But for the most part, they are open. I just want a job to get my foot into the door of what I really want to do.

I always forget how stressful job hunting is. Fixing up your resume and cover letter, waiting for a callback, getting a callback and setting up an interview, the interview, interview #2, and waiting to see if you got the job. And then, even if you get the job, it's stressful af because everything is new and you have to settle in. It's all exhausting. But hey, it could be my anxiety talking.

My sisters don't want me to leave to another state or even to Northern CA and it's giving me more stress. I don't want to leave either, but I need to be responsible and do what's best for me if I do get offered a job in any of those locations.

My older sister tells me I should 'follow my heart' and do what I really want to do. My little sister says I should 'wait for a job I really want' and they are making me doubt myself. I was so sure of my decision but they are making me feel bad. I know it's not intentional and they just want me to stay, but I barely discovered what I want to do and what I need to get there...I have to work for it, everyone does. And these jobs will help me with that.

My little sister is more understanding but my older sister isn't. Hopefully as time goes on, they will get better with it. And hopefully it won't affect me so much.

Photos by: tangerineyum